The Tale of Two Duchesses – How Catherine is Showing Meghan How ‘Royalty’ Is Done

Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, looked stunningly gorgeous at the recent James Bond “No Time to Die” premier, essentially stealing the show from several of Hollywood’s A-list. It reminded the world the power and influence of royalty. Less than a week before, Meghan tried to do the same at the Global live concert event and a pseudo tour of New York. But instead of growing influence, Meghan and her husband become the butt of jokes.

Though Meghan and Harry left the royal family to embrace “privacy” and Hollywood royalty, she’s looking less like an influential figure and more and more like a wannabe that who proves that royalty only works, when you’re royal.

It’s the tale of two Duchesses, one who is thriving within the institution and one who is just surviving trying to recapture her royal dreams.

There’s no doubt, The Duchess of Cambridge is growing into her role as the future Princess of Wales and Queen consort every day. From her Early Years project to an increasingly powerful royal wardrobe, the Duchess has clearly put her middle-class beginnings and the press nickname Waity Katie behind her and is now fully emerging as a crucial member of the royal fold.

She’s also incredibly dedicated to raising her children, including a future king. An image recently emerged of the family out for a rather normal lunch, looking every bit the average family enjoying some burgers. 

While there is no doubt that their children are immensely privileged, it also appears like they are respectful, polite and well-behaved. If Catherine can help raise three well-adjusted children, she will truly be worth her weight in gold to the monarchy.

Fewer or no children falling out of nightclubs or getting into scuffles with the paparazzi the better.

Though life as a royal, being constantly scrutinized and living under a microscope for the rest of your life is not easy, it appears like The Duchess of Cambridge is not just surviving but thriving.

Meghan, not so much.

The former actress may have told the world in preparation for her departure from the monarchy, Meghan told a reporter in South Africa that “it’s not enough to just survive something, right? That’s not the point of life. You’ve got to thrive, you’ve got to feel happy.”

(It’s worthwhile to note, that ever the plagiarist, Meghan took that quote from Maya Angelou.)  

So, is Meghan “thriving” outside the monarchy?

Well, that’s up for debate.

After the aptly titled Megxit in January 2020, Meghan and Harry clearly had plans to take over the world and use their “royal” influence to create a multibillion-dollar brand in the United States. But their efforts are increasingly falling flat.

They initially had a descent run, with the establishment of their “charity” Archewell and deals with mega companies like Netflix and Spotify.

But the magic of the monarchy, the reason Meghan and Harry receive any attention to begin with, is fading every day—and their recent trip to New York City captures their falling star power incredibly well.

While they were constantly followed by the press (due to their PR team), the story wasn’t as much about their visit and efforts to promote vaccine equity and efforts to combat climate change as it was about Meghan’s nearly $100,000 wardrobe, overly large coats and the videographer clearly capturing material for Netflix.

The whole thing came across as a self-serving publicity stunt, especially when Meghan and Harry visited underprivileged children with a jacket and trouser ensemble that cost a staggering $7,500. That doesn’t include the shirt, shoes or all the jewelry worth tens of thousands of dollars.

After months of trying to create a new brand in America, their efforts to walk around like they had the power of the monarchy behind them just seemed ridiculous. 

Meghan may have the title of Duchess, but she more well-known for being Meghan Markel. Instead of trying to make it work within the monarchy and trying to understand her new country, she jumped ship a little too quickly and is finding that trying to be royal only works, when you’re royal.

Catherine may have difficult days, but she is a royal regardless of what happens between her and William in the future. Meghan was barely a royal and is now finding that her brief time in the monarchy didn’t translate to a future as an international mover and shaker. 

It’s the tale of two Duchesses. The Duchess of Cambridge is clearly thriving and showing the world how it’s done. The Duchess of Sussex is trying to survive the 

It’s clear that The Duchess of Cambridge is thriving, but the Duchess of Sussex is just trying to survive the one thing that made her relevant, the monarchy.  

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  3. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Looked Gorgeous at the World Premiere of James Bond’s “No Time to Die” at the Royal Albert Hall in London on the evening of September 28th


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