Castle Shuffle – How Harry and Meghan are Missing Out on Prince Charles Plans for Royal Residences as King

There are new reports emerging that Prince Charles is planning a great castle shuffle when he becomes king, including opening up more of Buckingham Palace and living in what has jokingly been called an “flat-above-the-shop.” Unfortunately, the Sussex’s will not be on the receiving end of any of these changes.

In order to survive, most monarchies have to modernize to the best of their ability. This means streamlining working royals, those who simply live off the taxpayer and perform various engagements, and others. 

Most of Europe has already started this process, but the Brits are a bit behind. All of this will change when Queen Elizabeth II dies—long live the Queen—and Prince Charles is already adjusting family roles and now homes in order to ensure the survival of the monarchy.

The first big change is that he will live in Buckingham Palace, despite earlier reports that he would continue to live in his current London home Clarence House. But instead of taking some of the larger apartments that the Queen currently occupies, he will live in small abodes on the upper floors. This will give tourists greater opportunities to see more spaces within the iconic palace.

Charles has also floated making the Queen’s Scotland estate Balmoral, which is personally owned by the monarch and will pass to Charles, into a museum in her memory. 

Most of Prince Charles’ siblings will stay in their current residences, but Harry and Meghan won’t be quite as lucky.

Originally, The Prince of Wales slated his current home Clarence House for his second son. Though the place is considered a bit old fashioned, it is a piece of prime real estate in central London and will now be saved for the Cambridge children. But Harry and Meghan, as royals living in California, will not be on the docket to receive this home or any other residence, except the one that they already have Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.  

Speaking of Windsor, the most interesting change is that Prince William and his wife Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, will potentially live in Windsor Castle fulltime. 

This makes sense, as it is rumored that the couple is already considering the move with their children. This may signal that Princes George and Louis will attend Prince William’s alma matter Eton College, which is located in Windsor and boys only. It’s also close to Kate’s parents and an hour from Kate’s co-ed alma matter, Marlborough College. 

If the Cambridge family starts living at Windsor with the Queen and eventually claim it as their personal, permanent residence, no doubt that will drive the California royals absolutely nuts. 

Reports have indicated that Harry and Meghan originally requested to live in Windsor Castle. As they’ve told the public many, many times, it’s “special” to them.

But instead of the grandness of the castle or even Frogmore House, they were given the rather unimpressive residence of Frogmore Cottage, which formally housed staff members in separate apartments. 

That other family members, especially the Cambridges, are getting what Harry and Meghan wanted probably drives them nuts and is a reminder that they gave up the trappings of royalty to hustle for clout in Hollywood.

They may be successful, or maybe not, but the loss of an impressive royal residences to call their own no doubt hurts.

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