Prince Harry Tries to Steal Prince William’s Thunder –Makes New Environmental Announcement Day After Success of Brother’s Earthshot Prize

Siblings are naturally competitive, and royals are no exception. Prince Harry is clearly feeling the pressure, and perhaps a bit of jealously, after the roaring success of the Earthshot Prize, as California royal makes new environmental announcement day after Prince William’s big event.

Combating the effects of climate change is a passion for both Prince William and Prince Harry. But naturally, the brothers have a rather different approaches and abilities to influence the issue. While as the future King of England, William’s in a prime position to enact change. Prince Harry, who gave up royal duties to follow Meghan’s Hollywood dreams, is likely feeling the frustration and limitation of his current position.

In order to make sure no one forgets about the Duke and Duchess living in a gated multimillion-dollar mansion in Montecito, Prince Harry made a plea to the public the day after his brother’s event. 

In an opinion piece published in The Washington Post, co-written by Namibian environmental activist Reinhold Mangundu, Prince Harry is calling for the end of corporate drilling for oil in Botswana.

The two wrote, “The Okavango watershed is a natural beating heart that has nourished humans and wildlife in southern Africa for generations — and it’s at risk.

“The Okavango River Basin is under siege by ReconAfrica, a Canadian oil and gas company that has been granted licenses for exploratory drilling in an area of Namibia and Botswana larger than some European countries.”

It’s rather telling that this op-ed came the day after the Earthshot Prize, where Prince William and Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, gave environmental awards to those looking to address climate change issues. 

Even thousands of miles away, Prince Harry just can’t let his brother have his moment. Pushed on by Meghan and his own feelings of inferiority, the California royal just can’t leave things well enough alone. He has to compete, to try and steal his brother’s thunder if he can. 

Even if this is an issue that should be addressed, the timing just makes him look petty. 

This could have come out next week or perhaps even the week before the event, but of course it has to come out the day after. 

Harry and Meghan have a habit of trying to do whatever they can to steal someone else’s thunder on their big day. The ultimate example is Meghan wearing a coat with the bottom couple of buttons open to put press speculation into overdrive about her pregnancy in the media. She also announced the happy news at the wedding, apparently devastating Eugenie, who already had her engagement upstaged by the couple. 

Meghan’s relentless drive to upstage every member of the royal family is winning her no points with the public. That she’s gotten Harry into it as well is disappointing. Every family has tension, but the mark of maturity is embracing and cheering on your family members, not trying to upstage them. 

Picture from Cafe Mom.

4 thoughts on “Prince Harry Tries to Steal Prince William’s Thunder –Makes New Environmental Announcement Day After Success of Brother’s Earthshot Prize

  1. I Think Prince Harry Is on the same level as Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, James Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch, Jordan Belfort, Brody Jenner, Brandon Jenner, Rob Kardashian, Scott Disick, Brett Kavanaugh, Andrew Cuomo, Prince Andrew, Duke of York,


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