Prince Harry Officially a No Show at Party Commemorating Princess Diana’s Statue Unveiling

Reports indicate that Prince Harry has failed to make the trek from California to the United Kingdom to attend a party meant to commemorate a statue dedicated to his mother, Princess Diana, which was unveiled in July.

That Harry decided not to attend shouldn’t be much of a surprise, based on the tense relationship that he currently has with his brother and entire family. However, why couldn’t put aside his differences to attend a party to celebrate donors who gave their money and perhaps even their time to celebrate the life and legacy of Princess Diana.

The event was held Tuesday night behind closed doors, and many of those who helped make the statue happen were invited to attend after it was delayed in July due to COVID restrictions. Harry, who is currently living with his wife Meghan Markle in California, apparently is in touch with donors privately.

Those who were lucky enough to receive an invitation, which included friends, family and former staff members, were allowed to see the statue in person with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.     

It’s probably good that Harry stayed home. 

His presence at the unveiling in July was rather bizarre to say the least. Harry was strangely and notably animated during what should have been a rather somber event, as if he was on some sort of medication or overacting to show the world how unbothered he was by seeing his royal brother for the first time in years. It didn’t work. His behavior didn’t stop speculation, it simply added to it.

Perhaps at one point Harry and his wife Meghan were planning on attending—however, the Duke and Duchess may have rescinded the invitation after news came out that the California couple were filming and recording their tour around New York City. 

Prince William was likely concerned that Harry and Meghan would continue to the filming campaign in the U.K. as well. The possibility that the couple would use this personal, family event for their own gain would no doubt be deeply concerning to William and Catherine, who deeply value the privacy of their family and children. 

The California couple have no such qualms, despite very public claims to the contrary. 

No doubt, if a trip was originally scheduled to the U.K. it would have most likely included a fancy and over-the-top christening of their daughter Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana with the Queen in Windsor Castle and create drama and other spectacles meant to remind the public that they are still members of the royal family, no matter how peripheral they might be.  

That Harry is willing to go along with Meghan’s efforts to sell out his family and reputation for Netflix and Spotify is deplorable—but it won’t stop. 

Picture from People Magazine.

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