Meghan Markle’s Victim Narrative Continues – Blames Trial Stress on Miscarriage and Prince Charles for ‘Berating’ Harry for Situation with Thomas Markle 

The revelations continue in Meghan Markle’s case against The Mail on Sunday. It’s now come to light that Meghan portrayed the royal family’s concerns about her father talking with the press as “berating her husband,” and she blamed the stress of the trial for potentially causing her a miscarriage, despite being the one who brought the lawsuit in the first place. 

Seemingly in the world in Meghan Markle, nothing is ever her fault.

This slow trickle of information came out after their former communications secretary Jason Knauf decided to officially testify against the couple. His statements are not just hearsay but come with screen shots of emails and text messages explaining particular situations related to critical components of the case.

In one, Meghan talks about how Prince Harry had multiple conversations with his father Prince Charles, which the former actress portrays as “berating” her husband.

Meghan, who was saved in Knauf’s phone under the pseudonym ‘Tilly,’ wrote in a text message, “Even after a week with his dad and endlessly explaining the situation, his family seem to forget the context – and revert to ‘can’t she just go and see him and make this stop?’ 

“They fundamentally don’t understand so at least by writing H will be able to say to his family…’she wrote him a letter and he’s still doing it.’ By taking this form of action I protect my husband from this constant berating, and while unlikely it will give my father a moment of pause.”

It’s important to note that Meghan’s words should only be taken with a grain of salt, as she seems to constantly lie, but what’s interesting here is that the royal family wanted the new duchess to meet with her father and she refused.

Just to give Meghan the benefit of the doubt, the royal family could have been “berating” Harry for the mess, but what if they were just really asking the rather simple question, ‘Why, after talking so lovingly about her father for years, is Meghan refusing to meet or even talk with her father?’

Or even more critically, ‘Why have we met no other member of Meghan’s family but her mother?’

No family is perfect, but unless the parent/s is horrifically abusive, why would Meghan refuse to allow her in-laws to meet any of her other family members? It’s strange and was likely a red flag for the rest of the family.

Even those brief months after her initial tenure as a member of the royal family, it’s likely that they were already concerned that Prince Harry did not really know the woman he married.

To deflect Prince Charles’ and other members of the royal household’s suspicions and genuine concerns, questioning why Harry never met his father-in-law in the first place and her continual refusals to meet with Thomas Markle suddenly becomes “berating.”

It once again places Harry and Meghan in the roles of the victims of the royal family.

This narrative continues with Meghan now blaming her miscarriage and the stress of her pregnancy as the reason why she failed to hand over key and essential pieces of evidence to the judge, despite being the instigator of the court case.

In a new witness statement, Meghan deflects her role in failing to share pertinent information, stating, “On October 20, 2020, my solicitors issued an application to adjourn the trial due to take place in January 2021.

“I was in the first trimester of my third pregnancy at the time (having suffered a miscarriage a few months prior) and was feeling very unwell.

“My doctor advised me to avoid stress, particularly given the recent miscarriage days after [The Mail on Sunday] threatened to break the confidentiality of the original ‘sources’ for the People magazine article, which resulted in my having to make an urgent application for an anonymity order.

“This was granted by Mr. Justice Warby, but I found the process extremely stressful, and it took its toll physically and emotionally.

“I have at all times wanted to protect the privacy of those friends, while [The Mail on Sunday] was, it seemed to me, doing everything it could to make this litigation as intrusive as possible.”

I wish no ill towards a pregnant woman who allegedly suffered a miscarriage and understand absolutely that a trial is stressful, but that excuse rings hallow. 


In this situation, she is responsible for her own stress. If she did not bring the lawsuit, there would have been no intrusive investigation, not trial and no stress. But she seemingly expected the papers to roll over and just give her whatever she wanted. 

Instead, they decided to fight and so now Meghan just wants to complain about the process she started in the first place.

The letter was already in the public domain for several months before she filed the initial lawsuit, and she knew there was a strong possibility that it could be leaked, what point could it have served for her to pursue a legal case against the newspapers? It probably would not stop her father from talking and nor would it prevent people from discussing and digesting the content of the letter. 

Meghan had other options, but she made a big show of filing her privacy lawsuit during the tail end of her and Harry’s tour of South Africa for maximum impact, simultaneously tanking most of the good will they built up in the country.

This is the result. She invited The Mail on Sunday to intrude into her life and personal relationships. Like any organization, they want to both protect their assets and saw this as an opportunity to try and see how much of Meghan’s tall tales are actually true. She had the gall to think that her duchess title made her immune from the court’s critical and investigative eye.

That’s just not the case. It’s not the 1500s anymore, royals are not immune from court investigations.  

Meghan needs to take responsibility. She made the decision to hide information from the defense and to bring litigation in the first place. To prevent a trial for perjury, she’s using her tired victim narrative.

In the end, the only person Meghan Markle should blame is herself. 

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