Meghan Markle’s PR Crisis Appearance on the ‘Ellen Show’ a Fail, Duchess is Mocked Across the World for Bizarre and Cringy Prank

Meghan Markle went onto the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” as a crisis PR move to distract the public from the revelation that she committed perjury and lied in a London court statement. The goal was probably for the Duchess of Sussex to come across as warm, friendly, sincere and fun, but instead s her over-the-top, cringy and plain bizarre prank session and interview has led to worldwide mockery. 

Needless to say, Meghan should lose DeGeneres’ number and fire her public relations team.

Anna Pasternak, who wrote a book on Wallis Simpson the Duchess of Windsor, who was the first American divorcee to marry into the royal family, said, “In Meghan Markle’s preeningly self-satisfied appearance on Ellen, she embarrassed the royal family and she embarrassed herself. She may have rejected the British monarchy yet still she seeks to capitalize on her title, being described on-screen as Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. Presumably, this is to boost her popularity in North America.

“She is often compared to the Duchess of Windsor, as an American divorcee marrying into the Royal Family, yet Wallis Simpson behaved with the utmost dignity throughout her exile from the British monarchy.” 

The Duchess of Windsor was many things, but she would have never performed an undignified and unladylike squat on command. Most self-respecting women wouldn’t.

Piers Morgan, who famously feuded with Meghan and told the world he didn’t believe Meghan Markle after her interview with Oprah Winfrey, wrote for The Daily Mail: “No, the worst thing came when Ellen made Meghan literally dance for her book-plugging supper by taking part in one of the most embarrassing stunts I’ve ever seen a royal do on television.

“None of this was remotely funny.

“It was all just incredibly, soul-suckingly excruciating.

“This is a senior member of the British Royal Family whose husband Prince Harry is sixth in line to the throne, behaving like a gormless desperate reality TV starlet.”

Not even a member of the Kardashian family would subject themselves to this nonsense, as Morgan rightly points out.

Australian media also made Meghan the punch line, with one of the “Australia’s Today” host’s Karl Stefanovic responding to some of the duchess’ anecdotes about her children Archie and Lilibet: “It’s like she’s the first mum ever!”

Stefanovic has four children, so he was decisively unimpressed when Meghan started talking about how Lilibet is teething.

For The Daily Mail, Jan Moir wrote, “Dear God. The House of Windsor must sometimes utter a sigh of relief that the Sussexes are out of the royal fold, thousands of miles away in the kind of showbiz bubble where this undignified nonsense is acceptable.

“What on earth was going on in Meghan’s mind, not to mention the combined supposed PR smarts of her team of highly paid advisors? It wasn’t funny, and made her look like a bit of a fool.”

Indeed, why any sane adult would agree to be at the mercy of Ellen DeGeneres, a noted bully and abusive boss known for her meanspirited “pranks,” remains a mystery.

But Meghan is clearly desperate to have the public like her and forget that she was essentially outed as a liar—but she failed.

Nothing about her appearance was authentic. Meghan clearly loved the attention and the ability to finally sit down on Ellen’s couch after probably lobbying for years to get a spot, only to get denied as a c-list actress on the “Suits” cable tv show. It’s obvious that her thrill at being so honored superseded her common sense. 

Ellen made her look like a fool, and she’s now the subject of mockery across the world. If Meghan was seeking authenticity, the best way to do that is to avoid Hollywood and just actually produce something for Netflix or Spotify. Give people something else to talk about, other than your legal woes, countless attention seeking ways and continued use of your royal title for personal gain.

If the rumors are true and Harry and Meghan did hire a crisis PR team, they clearly should seek the services of another agency.

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