The Sad Tale of Princess Charlene of Monaco Continues – Royal Misses National Day as the Grimaldi Family Comes Out in Force

Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco has spent the last several months in Africa reportedly recovering from several surgeries, and now has missed Monaco National Day as she once again is in a recovery center. In an incredibly sad moment, her children Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella show the camera signs they made for their mother, telling her how much they miss her.

Monaco National Day is a time when the extended royal family comes together to celebrate the history and founding of the tiny and incredibly wealthy principality situated on France’s southern coast, which became infamous after Academy Award winning actress Grace Kelly married the ruler Prince Rainer.

Those who attended included Prince Albert II and his two heirs Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella. They were accompanied by his older and younger sister, Princesses Caroline and Stephanie. Both of the women’s children, and in Caroline’s case her many grandchildren, attended as well. It was very much a family affair, and the ladies all generally looked incredibly gorgeous. 

Beatrice Borromeo, who married Princess Caroline’s youngest son from her second marriage Pierre, looked resplendent in Christian Dior.

But there was on conspicuous absence, Princess Charlene, who has been married to Prince Albert since 2011. 

Earlier this year, Charlene went to South Africa, her home country, for the funeral of King Goodwill Zwelithini of South Africa’s Zulu Nation. While there the princess reportedly suffered a sinus infection that required surgery and would force her to spend an extended period in the country. As the change in pressure that comes from flying in an airplane could be incredibly painful and debilitating, it’s no surprise that the princess made the decision not to fly back.

Additional surgeries and complications kept Charlene in the country for an extended period of time—however, there are growing rumors that there’s a different reason why the princess is avoiding her husband, children and adopted home country.

When the couple married in 2011, about a week before the wedding, there were reports that Charlene was attempting to leave the country and her passport had been confiscated to prevent her from doing so. At points during the ceremony, it also looked like she was crying tears of sadness, not tears of joy.

Albert has developed a rather terrible reputation over the years, due to his philandering ways and at least a couple of illegitimate children.

So, is Charlene’s extended jaunt in South Africa about surgery or getting away from Albert? It’s unclear, but there’s growing speculation about it.

During her time in South Africa, she started to look rather emancipated.

Even when she finally made it back to Monaco, the princess quickly was once again in a hospital or recovery center.

“She is better but she still needs rest and peace,” Albert said. “She is not in the principality but we will be able to visit her very soon. I cannot tell you more out of discretion. There is tiredness, not just physical, which can only be treated with a period of rest and monitoring.”

Is divorce eminent? Only time will tell, but Charlene is clearly not doing well. 

Even when she briefly rejoined her family in Monaco, she seemed to put on an over-the-top display of affection with her husband. 

Sadly, the House of Grimaldi has been marked by misfortune, especially in love, for years. Between the unexpected and tragic deaths of Princess Grace and Princess Caroline’s husband Stephano to the multitude of divorces that have plagued both Caroline and Princess Stephanie, there’s been plenty of heartbreak to go around. 

Hopefully, Charlene will be able to rejoin her family soon—but it wouldn’t be surprising either if this whole crisis results in the couple’s divorce.  

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