Meghan Markle Wants to Distance Her Brand from the Royal Family, But Refuses to Drop ‘The Duchess of Sussex’ Title

After a rough couple of weeks in terms of public relations, Meghan Markle wants to separate her brand from that of the royal family. However, she refuses to drop the Duchess of Sussex title she can use curtesy of her husband and his family.

Whether or not Meghan sees the hypocrisy is unclear.

This was highlighted by podcast, Royally Obsessed, with royal commentators Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito.

When discussing Meghan’s rather disastrous appearance on Ellen, Roberta said, “Meghan on Ellen, on the prank section, there wasn’t really a royal reference made, besides her name.”

No kidding, not sure how Meghan can separate herself from the royals if she continues to use her title. Just by using it, she’s associating herself with the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. 

Roberta went on to say, “I felt that was a choice, where Meghan is moving on from that and she doesn’t always have to be serious.

“For me, what was interesting was Meghan showing a different side.

“Her comedic side. Her acting side. She is really capable in that regard. It does demonstrate that.”

Not so sure about that. Yes, she was a “capable” actor but in no means a good or great at the craft. If she was, she would have been much more successful. Though she had one supporting role on “Suits,” the vast majority of her work was entirely forgettable and absolutely nothing noteworthy.

Rachel picked up the conversation, stating, “The through-line for this interview was that so much was about her pre-royal life.

“That feels like a new chapter for her. It feels like she is rebranding herself to be more about Meghan, the person she was before Harry. It’s definitely a choice she has made.

“She talked about things she wasn’t able to talk about in her royal life. She is definitely going to show more of herself going forward.”

When was Meghan ever not working to further herself and her own ideals? Ever since entering the royal sphere, she’s been a bulldozer to anyone and everyone who made the mistake of thinking that they could give Meghan Markle advice.

Just look at her husband. He’s clearly drunk the Kool-Aid she’s feeding him, making him generally look like an emasculated fool.

She left the royal family not because she couldn’t be herself, given enough time royals can carve out their own role that reflects their interests, she left because she couldn’t be the star of the show, wearing multimillion-dollar outfits without criticism and getting money for showing up at charity events. 

But if she wants to go back to her pre-royal days, back when she was just Rachel Meghan Markle, why doesn’t she just go back to her maiden name and utilize her “skills” to create a new career direction?

At this point, she’s more well-known by the public as Meghan Markle than she is as the Duchess of Sussex. She was only actually working for the firm for about 18 months, and she’s been out almost as long as she was in.

So, why doesn’t she do that?

Well, Meghan doesn’t have the talent to make it in Hollywood without that seemingly pesky royal title and connection. If the former actress could have made it without Harry’s title and influence, she would have done it years ago and would have never married him in the first place (probably).

Frankly, she has nothing to offer in the world she’s circling but her title as “duchess.”

Her acting was generally subpar. Since leaving the royal family, her ability as a producer is also in question. Her and Harry have only produced one 35-minute podcast episode for Spotify, which is a year old at this point. Podcasts are not difficult to produce, there’s no reason why they’ve been unable to churn out more. 

They also haven’t released anything as part of their Netflix podcast and it’s unclear if they’re content will be any good, though the streaming giant is creating very little of actual quality programing at this point so her and Harry may fit right it. Their reality television show will get a decent number of views, but some will boycott on principle.

Harry and Meghan could succeed in Hollywood, but if Meghan really wants to fully distance herself from the royal family, she needs to lose the title. Using this at this point increasingly makes her look like a joke and hustler who can’t do anything else except blow hot air, create word salad and call herself a royal for her own gain.

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