The BBC Folds! After Palace Complains About Biased Documentary, the Network Delays Release of Accompanying Podcast

The BBC is treading more carefully, after severely angering the palace and senior royals by releasing a clearly biased and pro-Sussex documentary. Thought the second part aired, the five-part accompanying podcast will now be delayed and the BBC’s exclusive coverage of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is in question.

It’s a sign that the British Broadcasting Company is perhaps rethinking the green light they gave Amol Rajan’s documentary, as the noted republican and anti-monarchist used this effort to push his agenda and perspective on the public. 

Now, it’s come out that the BBC is delaying the release of an accompanying podcast for a period of time, most likely so that senior leadership at the network can review and to see if the current cut will further damage the already deeply fractured relationship between them and the monarchy.

This could jeopardize their ability to cover the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, a once in a lifetime opportunity that will bring tens of millions of viewers into the network.

However, the BBC risked all of this in order to support the agenda driven narrative of Rajan.

In his documentary, entitled “The Princes and the Press,” Rajan leaned heavily on the pro-Sussex side and denied the palace the opportunity to truly participate or have a pre-screening so that it could respond to the content.

Some of those interviewed by the network who support Prince Harry and Meghan Markel’s perspective include Omid Scobie, who’s regularly referred to by the press in the U.K. as Meghan’s friend, and her reputation lawyer. She denies that Meghan was ever a bully to her staff members, regardless of numerous reports of the former actress’ abusive behavior.

But interestingly, not all those who participated are happy with how their interview was portrayed. 

Amanda Platell called the documentary a “hatchet job” and a “hagiography” of the couple, after she saw how everything was edited together. She also reportedly feels “utterly conned” by the whole thing, which parsed down her two-hour interview into a couple of minutes where what she said was taken out of context. That’s not an unusual practice, but comments should always be portrayed in the original intent of the interviewee.

In addition, the row between the royals and the network is likely now to explode even further as the BBC has been seen cooperating with Netflix as “The Crown” looks to film a recreation of the Panorama interview.

This is a slap in the face to the royal family, especially Prince William, who has been enraged by the revelation that the interview was dubiously secured by showing Princess Diana false documents, which increased her paranoia against the royal family. 

It’s important for the press to remain free and engaged in revealing truthful information—however, this documentary and podcast by the BBC is designed not to enlighten but to increase division among the family and threaten the future of the monarchy. 

That’s not journalism but reflects one reporter’s vendetta. 

The dangerous thing about this is that there is a family at the center of this, which is led by a 95-year-old recent widow who is just trying to live out her last years in relative peace. She’s being denied that by not only Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and their increasingly brazen antics, but now the BBC has joined in on the fray as well.

It would not be surprising if the BBC lost out on the incredibly lucrative Platinum Jubilee content, as the royals are more likely to give an interview to any outlet but the BBC next year.

Perhaps they will indulge this outlet? That would be lovely. There’s nothing wrong with journalists asking tough questions, but integrity should always be at the center of any investigation. Not politics or personal ideology.

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