Now Prince Harry Wades into Politics—Former Royal Shares His Belief that Veterans Who Served UK Armed Forces Should Have Visa Fees Waived

Prince Harry has officially waded into politics in the United Kingdom. The former working royal and part-time soldier is now advocating that the government cover visa costs for veterans who served in the U.K. Armed Forces. It appears that now more than ever Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are intent on ignoring every royal guideline in pursuit of their own agenda.

Per former Conservative ministry Johnny Mercer: “I speak to all sorts of people in the veterans’ community – last night I had a conversation with Prince Harry about this.

“He has contributed hugely to the veterans’ debate and I wanted his view.”

It would be interesting to know if he contacted Harry or did Harry contact him.

“He said to me it’s not only morally right but would mean so much to those who have given so much – and it’s not a political intervention, it is the moral purpose of this.

“It’s an almost effortless change, as he said, for this Government to make for us to finally see through what we’ve said for these people for so long because we owe it to them.

“They’re our brothers and sisters, they’ve served with us over many, many years.”

Mercer is part of an effort to get the government to waive the £2,389 fee for foreigners who served in the military and want to apply to remain in the U.K. 

Harry previously served in the military for about a decade and was previously passionate about representing military service members through programs like the Invictus Games. However, since meeting Meghan some of his dedication to the armed forces has waned somewhat as he pursues Hollywood stardom.

Now, Harry is following in his wife’s footsteps and is making a public opinion known on a policy issue.

While Meghan Markle stuck to the United States, where her delusions of grandeur extend to the White House and establishing her own monarchy on American soil, Harry is now wading into politics in his home country.

Supporting the troops is great—however, Prince Harry needs to tread carefully. 

The royals have survived for this long in the 21st century, including him, by staying out of politics. That Harry has abandoned his family’s tradition of maintaining political neutrality is concerning.

At this point, Harry and Meghan have gone completely rouge, driven by the duchess’ ambition for global dominance. To what end is unclear.

Since leaving the royal family, Harry and Meghan were allegedly going to become big Hollywood producers of television, movies and podcasts, but we haven’t seen any evidence of this yet.

Now they have been conducting pseudo royal tours and representing themselves, and the U.K. by use of their titles, at a U.S. service member event. Their direction changes as often as their staff turnover ratio.

Harry voluntarily left his country, and if he wants to wade into politics and policy, he can do so, but without his royal titles.

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