Meghan Markle So Embarrassed by the Reaction to Her Appearance on ‘Ellen’ that She’s in Hiding

Meghan Markle is apparently so embarrassed and “upset” by the reaction to her recent appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” as she should be, that the former actress is apparently in hiding at her home in Montecito. 

This is the latest claim from royal expert Neil Sean, who has a rather prominent YouTube channel where he talks about the former actress. 

Per Neil, “Meghan is apparently taken to indoors as we say over here in the UK because she’s so upset about the backlash she received after appearing on the show.

“Even Prince Harry thought this was a good idea to show her fun side.”

Well, Harry did show up in a Nazi uniform at a fancy-dress party so why Meghan would take his advice on something like this is a bit of a question mark. While they may be married, Meghan is clearly calling the shots. 

After all, Harry doesn’t even understand the First Amendment of the United States, which is encompasses the incredibly simple and crucial concept of freedom. Why Meghan would leave him in charge of more than a spoon would make me question her intelligence.

Neil goes on: “Perhaps they should have gone on together, how fun that would have been.”

Pretty hysterical actually. Meghan can’t act and Harry is rather dim, the combination of them trying to act out a skit would be hilarious and worth the watch. 

“Sadly for Meghan, it didn’t come out that way,” Neil explains. “She could have said no to the pranks and just plugged The Bench and talk briefly about her life.

“But fear not, Meghan will be back in 2022 looking for another option to rebrand and reconnect.”

That is a decent question, why didn’t Meghan just do the classy thing and plug her book and share her latest cause before skipping out and avoiding the prank? Meghan’s so infamous, surely there are other, better ways to show that you’re fun rather than resorting to an incredibly contrived and cringeworthy prank session.

However, Meghan has one simple problem. She’s a hustler at heart, plain and simple.

Meghan can talk pretty but doesn’t really have the talent or the class behind her to pull anything off. Her great talent isn’t acting or being a humanitarian, it’s being a two-bit hustler and an influencer.

What she displayed on “Ellen” wasn’t a reflection of her position as a member of the royal family, but rather a desperate actress who will do anything to secure a role because she doesn’t have the talent to secure the role any other way.

There are definitely overrated actresses out there, someone like Gal Gadot comes to mind, but Meghan doesn’t have the looks or the talent to compete with someone like Gadot. She’s also older, which would place her more firmly in the role of a character actor. But again, that would require some acting talent, of which Meghan has none.

She is still in the mindset that she has to hustle in whatever way she can to get that attention and validation from the Hollywood elite that she still craves.

But this prank on “Ellen” was a huge misstep. 

Meghan wasn’t shown having fun, though some people did interpret it that way, but she was made to look a fool. From the incredibly unladylike squat to calling herself mommy to doing a little dance with kitten ears, in was just plain undignified and Ellen was clearly making fun of Meghan.

There are better ways to show that you’re fun, but when you have to make an overly contrived effort it comes across as cringy and insincere.

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