Prince Harry to Sue His Grandmother? How the Duke of Sussex May Be the First Royal to Sue the Queen’s Government

Prince Harry is threatening to sue the U.K. government, and by extension the Queen, if it refuses to provide the Duke of Sussex and his family with police protection that he promises to pay for himself, though that’s debatable. His demands and legal actions have left the public and royal commentators speechless, as the ex-royal may become the first royal to sue the government and his elderly grandmother.

To help his wife Meghan Markle pursue her Hollywood dreams, Prince Harry and his family left the royal family and the United Kingdom to try and make it in Southern California. It’s not going well.

The popularity of Harry and Meghan has continued to tank, and they have yet to produce anything for Spotify or Netflix. This raises serious questions about how much money, if any, the two still have after purchasing a massive $16 million mansion, paying for their likely extensive security detail, jet setting all over the world, Meghan’s extravagant tastes and, of course, they’re endless legal maneuvers. 

This time, it’s not the Mail on Sunday or another newspaper they’re going after, it’s the Home Office of Her Majesty’s government.

Yes, Prince Harry could sue his 95-year-old grandmother as she’s celebrating her Platinum Jubilee, marking a lifetime of service, all because the Sussex’s are no longer treated as royals, after abandoning the royal family.

As Piers Morgan wrote for The Sun, “There are now three cast-iron certainties in life: death, taxes, and Prince Harry behaving like a shameless, deluded, woefully entitled hypocrite.”

Simply, the California-based couple have spued hate at the royal family for the last year, and yet demand that the government help augment their security efforts simply because they are royals.

Regardless of whether Prince Harry would pay, many have pointed out that it sets a bad president for a private citizen to access such specialized security.

The Times of London explains that “high-profile private citizens such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg” could also demand the use of this specialized team if their services are offered up to the highest bidder.

“This is nothing that the royal family can influence,” former royal protection officer Simon Morgan said. “It’s nothing that the Metropolitan Police can influence. If you went down a route of him paying for it, that sets a precedent. Who then becomes the employer? For example, why couldn’t Bill Gates get official projection if he offers to pay?”

Dai Davies, who is a former division head of a royal protection command, explained: “I’ve studied the history of attacks on the royal family going back to George III and I’ve never come across anything like this. It’s unprecedented for a member of the royal family to threaten to sue the government for failing to provide security.”

Though Simon Morgan points out that Prince Harry has a somewhat higher risk than most celebrities as the Queen’s grandson, at the same time he also, rather petulantly and radically, gave up his royal life for one of independence in California. 

That comes with drawbacks, which both Harry and Meghan continue to push against in their relentless drive to trade off of his royal title in order to make a quick buck.

This all boils down to one simple reality, Prince Harry cannot stand that he is not heir, but simply the spare. 

His ego and Meghan’s cannot stand being relegated to second fiddle, which is ironic given that Harry’s lived with that reality from the moment he was born. But Meghan filled his head with delusions of grandeur, that he was better and more important than his brother, father or anyone else in the royal family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are the stars, and the rest of the relevant members of the royal family are just window dressing to their greatness. 

This delusion has led Harry to ruin and may cost him and his children titles and their place in the line of succession. If he sues the government and continues to make a nuisance of himself, the royal family may have to permanently sever his ability to use his title to bully the world into taking a man who barely graduated high school seriously.

Unfortunately, this all means Archie and Lili will not visit the U.K. anytime in the near future to see the Queen, and Harry’s too dim to know that this is probably what Meghan wanted all along.

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