Does Meghan Markle Still Want an Oscar? Why the Duchess of Sussex Hasn’t Given Up Her Acting Dreams and is Always “Acting”

As the 2022 Oscars ceremony approaches, it raises some interesting questions about the true intentions of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s decision to leave the British monarchy and reside in California. After leaving her acting career behind in 2017, is Meghan planning on trying to achieve Hollywood stardom?

After Megxit was initially announced, it seemed likely that Harry and Meghan would set up their new home in British Columbia or somewhere else in Canada. In their announcement, they made their desire to support the Queen, monarchy and to continue their charitable work. Living in a Commonwealth country like Canada seemed perfect, so that Meghan could be close to her California hometown and her Toronto adopted home, where she spent seven years filming her supporting role on “Suits.”

But it quickly became apparent that charity wasn’t really on their minds, as they quickly made their way to Hollywood. 

Leaning on the kindness of Hollywood heavyweights Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, the couple set up shop in the bright lights of the city of Los Angeles. There were soon questions about whether or not Meghan would try to restart her acting career.

As an actress, Meghan was mediocre. The most notable role of her 15 years or so in the business was as a support character on the USA Network show “Suits.” For any actor, to receive a steady role is a big deal and, if it hits a particular number of episodes, syndication can set up an actor for life. Not an obscenely expensive life, but one of relative comfort.

That is the pinnacle of her career. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if Meghan saw her and Harry’s move to Hollywood as a way for her to subtly test the water and see if it’s possible to reignite her life as an actor and finally be considered for the prestigious roles that would have never come her way.

Royal author and commentator Angela Levin suggested to The Sun that Meghan wants a role in a Marvel film.  

The royal couple also signed a lucrative deal with Netflix, which could also offer Meghan some opportunities to flex her thespian skills.

Professor Cele Otnes, a marketing professional specializing in how the British royal family brands itself, shared that Meghan has never left her “acting” behind.

She claimed: “The way Meghan acts – and I use that word deliberately – her actress identity is still very much alive for her.

“She has not given up the identity of an actress.

“So, a lot of the time she acts.”

It explains a lot. Meghan is always acting. This could be seen as her embracing her profession, but it’s also a sign that what she shows the public is most likely a carefully crafted façade and that playing a duchess is her best and most successful role yet. 

Professor Otnes continued: “I think Meghan wants to be seen as a celebrity in the US.

“That’s her frame of reference.

“She was born in Los Angeles.

“She wanted to be an actress.

“This is the sphere in which she always wanted to succeed.”

While Meghan thinks she is closer to Hollywood success as the Duchess of Sussex than she ever was as simply Rachel Meghan Markle, she still lacks one simple quality. 


Meghan, for all her bravados and stories, is just not a good actress. That’s why, despite spending her childhood on the set of a successful show like “Married with Children,” she couldn’t do any better than “Suits.”

She’s not an Oscar caliber actress, though no doubt she would give anything to sit in the front road of the awards ceremony this year or any year, with her name among those nominated. But that’s a dream that will likely never come to pass. She’s more likely to receive a Razzie than an Academy Award nomination.

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