Meghan Markle Thinks Winning Over the British People ‘Is a Lost Cause’ and Won’t Return to the UK, But Monogrammed DDSOS – Duchess of Sussex – On Her Lady Dior Bag

Meghan Markle apparently doesn’t ever want to return to the United Kingdom, the country that gave her international relevance, notoriety and millions. She says that winning over the British people is a “lost cause” —however, she is more than happy to use the title she’s gained and monogrammed DDSOS, or the Duchess of Sussex, on her black Lady Dior handbag.

It shows a stunning level of hypocrisy, arrogance and dismissiveness to the Queen and country that gave her everything. 

There have been a lot of rumblings that Prince Harry will likely return to the U.K. for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, but most likely without his wife Meghan or their two children, likely robbing Her Majesty of her last and perhaps only chance to see her two great-grandchildren in person.

Prince Harry has tried to spin this as a security issue, claiming that it’s too unsafe for his family to come back to his home country without Met Police protection. This is categorically untrue. In fact, due to catastrophic public policies in California, crime in the Golden State is out of control. 

They’re more likely to face a violent break in California than they would in London, especially if they are staying on palace property.

This deflection is just another victim narrative to shift attention away from the real reason Meghan and her children will likely never set foot in the UK again: Meghan doesn’t want to risk bruising her ego by facing the British people, though she gladly uses the title that the Queen bestowed onto her husband.

Royal commentator Tom Bower said, “Britain is a lost cause for the Sussexes. In truth, I suspect Meghan no longer cares whether she is welcome in London. She has no intention on returning.”

If that’s true, then why is she still insisting on calling herself the Duchess of Sussex? She’s too good to go back to the U.K., let alone Sussex, but she still demands that people use that title, despite apparently hating the people who gave it to her.  She’s even gone as far as to have DSSOS, i.e. the Duchess of Sussex, embroidered onto the $5,000+ Lady Dior bag that she debuted in New York City.

It is the epitome of arrogance, narcissism and vanity to have a handbag with her royal title embroidered on it, a title that doesn’t even belong to her. She’s using the curtesy title of her husband, which could potentially be revoked or she could lose the right to use it if they get divorced.

Putting “Meghan” on there would make sense, perhaps even “Sussex,” which would show that she has a little bit of pride in the dukedom who’s name she now bears.

But no, she doesn’t do any of that. She won’t even allow her children to visit their ailing great-grandmother, who’ve they never seen in person and probably will never meet.

Meghan seemingly hates the United Kingdom, the country that literally gave her the platform she now has and gleefully abuses, all because they wouldn’t accept her insincere word salad, hollow gestures of good will and blatant disrespecting of the institution she willingly married into.

Being a royal isn’t easy, but Meghan wasn’t a naïve 19-year-old girl when she married Prince Harry—she was nearly 40. Her claims that it was too difficult to Google and learn “God Save the Queen,” when her entire career was predicated on learning and repeating lines, is ridiculous on the face of it.

Her antics didn’t work in the U.K., and she doesn’t want to go back and face the potential boos and derision from the crowds. Visiting her in-laws would also be decisively unpleasant, as they would most likely monitor everything she does to prevent any leaks to the press. 

She will never, ever give up using her title, but she will now punish the Queen and the rest of the royal family because they didn’t see that she was the real star of the monarchy. They were just glorified extras in Meghan’s grand vision, but don’t tell the future kings and queens of England.

Meghan’s inflated ego will cost her husband and their children precious moments with the Queen, which Harry will probably end up regretting for the rest of his life.

In her most recent appearance, Her Majesty both shared her growing frailty and two previously unseen pictures of her with her great-grandchildren and grandchildren. Archie and Lili will probably never share that experience or have those pictures. All because Meghan couldn’t handle playing second fiddle to senior members of the royal family, but she will pay extra to embroider DSSOS on a handbag.

Just in case we all forget that she was, at one point, the Duchess of Sussex.

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