Have Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Failed in Hollywood? Rumors Swirl About the Couple Wanting to Return to the Monarchy as Part-Time Royals 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seemingly have an idyllic life in Montecito, California, away from the pressures, expectations and hierarchy of the monarchy. It’s a life they allegedly wanted, but has their grand USA experience gone south? Rumors are swirling that the couple want to resurrect their original Megxit planand are looking to return to the U.K. as part-time working royals.

Is this a sign that their plan to make millions has failed? It’s not only possible, but likely.

It seems like the British publication The Daily Express was one of the first to float the notion that Harry and Meghan want to return as royals, working six months on and six months off, per royal biographer Tom Quinn. They believe that this could happen when Charles secedes the throne. 

This proposition is very similar to what they originally wanted to do before leaving the royal family. 

On their website SussexRoyal, the couple expressed their desire to work as representatives for the Queen when it suited them and work privately when it didn’t. They claimed that this is a similar arrangement that other royals, namely the York sisters, have.

This simply isn’t true. Both Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie have full time jobs while volunteering for various charities on their own time. The only time they sort of represented the monarchy in any official capacity was in 2013 when they promoted Britain’s interests in Germany. This could have been a move made by their then father Prince Andrew, who hoped that they could become working royals. They also attend family functions, like the jubilees and Trooping of the Color, but in no way are they working members of the royal family.

So, when Harry and Meghan requested half-in and half-out arrangement, the palace flatly denied it. Royals either work for their monarchy and receive taxpayer funding or they don’t—there’s nothing in-between. 

But this rumor seems to have some legs. So, the question is, despite all their posturing, are Harry and Meghan really interested in returning to the royal family in a part-time capacity?

It’s a possibility.

Megxit hasn’t played out like either of them predicted. When they initially left, it was announced that they had signed with a high-end speaking agency. Then the pandemic hit, and the million-dollar speaking engagements were all cancelled.

The couple then announced two multimillion-dollar deals with Spotify and Netflix in late 2020. As of publication, Harry and Meghan have produced only one 35-minute podcast episode for Spotify. Both entertainment companies are so fed up with the couple’s lack of content, they’re hiring people to help the couple create, manage and organize production. 

This is not how it was supposed to go for the couple.

Seemingly, the idea was that they would ride out of the palace in a blaze of glory, making millions of dollars every month as they wowed the public and the royals with their style, influence, power and acumen as business moguls. As they achieved greater and greater success, the couple would then establish their own pseudo royal court, with the Hollywood elite as the dukes, counts and earls of the court of the City of Angeles.

As it turns out, Harry and Meghan vastly overestimated their own talent, skills and creativity, and now are desperate for a way to reset themselves into something that can take the world by storm. The easiest way to do that is to rejoin the royal family in some way, so they can have the influence they so clearly crave while still hustling to make a buck in Hollywood. The move would have the added benefit of elevating their sinking brand as whiners and complainers and reestablish them as the movers and shakers they so clearly want to be.

That just isn’t going to happen.

In the fallout since the Oprah Winfrey interview a year ago, whatever goodwill the couple still had in the U.K. has completely evaporated. Their likability has plunged, even in the states, to the point where it would damage the monarchy’s brand to bring them back. It makes no sense to bring them back.

But Harry and Meghan are likely becoming a bit desperate. 

The house they purchased costs a fortune to maintain, and they’ve likely blown through a lot of their money on public relations, lawsuits, Meghan’s clothes and other extraneous expenses without a substantial amount of revenue to offset their various costs.

Harry and Meghan may have believed that life was truly greener in California, but their dreams have collapsed under the weight of their own hubris. Perhaps they would have been better to approach Megxit with a little more grace and a little less arrogance, so if things didn’t turn out how they wanted they would have an escape hatch. 

Perhaps the palace seemed a bit like a prison at times, but the protection, stability and platform it offered is probably looking awfully good to a c-list actress and her dimwitted husband.

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