Meghan Markle’s Rude Comment When Prince Charles’ Offer to Walk Her Down the Aisle, and Other Bratty Behavior from the Sussex Duo 

A new book on Queen Elizabeth, for her Platinum Jubilee, is revealing more information on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s epic meltdown and rather bratty behavior within the royal family. One of the most interesting details is hMeghan’s reaction to Prince Charles’ offer to walk her down the aisle. When given the offer, she allegedly responded, “Can you meet me halfway?”

There was a great amount of chaos surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding and time within the royal family. Apparently, the couple were quite demanding in the lead up to their nuptials, with the groom developing a reputation for saying, “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.” 

When her father unexpectedly (or expectedly) pulled out of the wedding, her future father-in-law Prince Charles generously offered to walk her down the aisle. Instead of graciously accepting this selfless gesture of acceptance and family unity, she said, “Can you meet me halfway?”

This comment could be interpreted as rather rude, especially considering that the man offering was the future King of England.

In an unofficial poll on Royal News Network’s Instagram account (follow if you don’t already), 86% agreed that her less than enthusiastic response to Prince Charles’ offer was rude, showing a woman who failed to really appreciate how her future family was really trying to welcome her into the fold.

It also raises the question, did Meghan really ever want anyone to walk her down the aisle at her wedding, and was her father actually scheduled to attend?

This is a question that’s lingered since her wedding, as the epic fallout with her father the day before her wedding and her utter dismissiveness of him thereafter showed her as a rather callous woman who cared little for her family members. After all, only Meghan’s mother was deemed good enough to attend her wedding. There was literally no one else from her early life in attendance.

Did she have something to hide from Harry about her past, as it’s been widely implied that much of her early life was changed or inflated to snag her a prince?

This chaos and negative atmosphere continued after the couple’s wedding, with the couple clashing with the press, palace, family members and even charity workers.

After marrying Meghan, Prince Harry went through a decisively negative tailspin when it came to his interaction with the media. 

On their Australia, New Zealand and Pacific tour, the prince and his new wife failed to acknowledge the press throughout the trip and “grudgingly” went back to meet those reporters giving the couple immensely positive coverage at the time.

The petulant prince said, “Thank you for coming.” And then added, “Not that we invited you.”

Well then Harry, who was going to cover your events like the Invictus Games, which you and your wife allegedly care about?

When they returned from the trip, the couple were seemingly expecting the institution to give them utterly glowing praise about their performance, as if they did something unexpected or groundbreaking. It was something they harped about during there interview with Oprah as well.

Apparently, to continue feeling like good members of the royal family, they needed a chorus of “Well done’s” from everyone. It’s understandable that they would want some appreciation, but the comment sounds more like a narcissistic need for constant validation.

The couple also then reportedly went to a charity dinner and refused to interact or be seen with the guests, who paid £120 per late for the honor—and they refused a title for Archie because he would have been the Earl of Dumbarton and they didn’t like that “dumb” was in the name. The people of the town of Dumbarton were disappointed with their decision.

No doubt, other information will trickle out about this book, but it’s clear that Harry and Meghan believed that not only were they above all other members of the royal family, but hey were essentially brats within the institution. Nothing was ever good enough, even a future king walking her down the aisle was almost a step too far for the strong, independent Meghan, who then claimed she was a naïve child later in her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

This report is just another example of how the couple’s narrative is completely at odds with the reality.

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