Prince William and Duchess Catherine Make an Emotional Visit to Ukrainian Cultural Center, Bringing Homemade Brownies and Granola Bars from Kensington Palace

Prince William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, made an emotional visit to the Ukrainian Cultural Center, where the couple brough some homemade brownies and granola bars from Kensington Palace. While touring the facility and hearing about the challenges that many have faced, the William said, “We feel so useless.”

Don’t we all.

The couple shared that their children are hearing about the conflict from others at school and have struggled to explain such senseless violence to their children.

“Ours have been coming home asking all about it,” the Duke said. “They are obviously talking about it with their friends at school.

“It’s choosing the words carefully to explain what’s going on.”

The couple spent about an hour at the center, where volunteers are packing boxes to send to refugees with first aid supplies, soccer/footballs to lift the spirits of displaced children and other items to give hope and comfort to those who have nothing.

The couple seemed quite emotional during the visit, and reality of such a large war within Europe deeply troubled Prince William.

“It’s very alien to see this in Europe,” Prince William said. “We are all behind you.”

“The irony is that it brings Europe together.

“Europe is closer together than it’s ever been before because of Ukraine.

“We have seen a lot of that Ukrainian spirit already. Keep together. Everyone is there for you. We feel for you, we really do.”

Catherine offered to volunteer, saying, “I think we need to come and help out here. Give you some respite.”

As part of their visit, the couple gamely posed with the volunteers, something they don’t always do on royal engagements, as they explained it was the least they could do.

To help encourage the volunteer, the couple also brought some homemade brownies and granola bars from Kensington Palace, likely made by the couple and their children. It’s an incredibly sweet and kind gesture in response to those giving up their time and energy to help the people of their homeland.

At this point, 100,000 Ukrainians have sought shelter in the U.K., with more likely to arrive at some point.

To help these efforts, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have provided a private donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee, along with the Queen. Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, have also made a private donation.

This support from the British royal family has been deeply appreciated by the Ukrainian people. 

Inna Hryhorovych, a headteacher who is helping with the relief operation and who has a sister still trapped in the country, said: “I think it is so important for the whole country to know that the Royal Family are with us. Their support sends a message to the people here and in Ukraine.” 

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