Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Arrive at the 2020 Invictus Games in The Hague to Tepid Cheers and Fashion Blunders

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are in The Netherlands for the 2020 Invictus Games, but not everyone is enthused, if videos of the couple arriving are anything to go by. Despite the massive amount of publicity surrounding their recent visit to the Queen and their Netflix reality television show, interest in the couple themselves is rather minimal among the troops.

When the couple arrived, the crowd response was somewhat muted and minimal. Though pictures showed Meghan laughing it up and thrilled at the opportunity to once again grace a red carpet of some sort for a sea of cameras, the crowd failed to return her enthusiasm.

While there were a couple of cheers, most of their walk was somewhat awkward as people started having their own conversations and only Harry’s name was thrown out from time to time.

Meghan’s name was never mentioned, and why should it be. Besides hanging off of Harry’s arm, she’s hardly done anything publicly for The Invictus Games.

So why is Meghan there? Well, they have to make money off the back of military veterans somehow and heaven forbid if she is unable to walk down a pseudo red carpet in another ill-fitting outfit.

In typical Meghan fashion, she wore a white double-breasted Valentino suit that was apparently stolen from her husband’s closet, which was deeply unflattering on the former actress. She also paired it with lots of trinket like jewelry, including a baffling hand and wrist charm.

Additionally, photos taken around the event show that despite her appearance, there was much more interest in her husband than in her. 

For a narcissist like Meghan, that must hurt.

Saint Meghan also made it into the press, with a story emerging, pushed by her mouthpiece Omid Scobie, that Meghan lent her coat to a woman from The Netherlands because she had a baby and it had gotten cold. Though a somewhat sweet gesture, the coat was probably heavy and difficult to carry along with a baby, and though Meghan was cold as a native Californian, most people from Northern Europe are used to a bit of chill this time of year and this mother would have likely been prepared or would not have worried.

But Harry and Meghan need some good publicity after a no good, rather terrible year PR wise, especially given how they’ve treated the Queen.

Across the board, the couple were criticized for skipping Prince Philip’s Service of Thanksgiving, only to appear on the continent a couple of weeks later when they can make money off of their travels. 

As The Daily Mail and other news outlets have pointed out, the couple certainly are not alone on the trip as a camera crew is following them wherever they go.

This is either part of their reality television show, or the documentary “Hearts of Invictus.” However, why would a crew need to follow Harry and Meghan if the focus of this crew is on the competitors in the Games? There’s also a lot of questions about who is paying for them, as they are most likely not paying for themselves. Is the Invictus Games covering the costs of their trip, security and the production of a documentary or reality television show about themselves? 

There are also reports that their meeting with the Queen will also be featured in the Netflix reality TV show. 

There are too many questions, and Harry and Meghan look ever shadier as each day goes by when it comes to their finances.

This next week will be a true test for the Invictus Games, can it survive with a patron like Harry or will it implode under the weight of Harry and Meghan’s exploitation of the veterans for money?

Only time will tell. 

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