Meghan Markle Makes Shameless ‘Surprise’ Visit to Memorial for Victims of Ovalde, Texas Mass Shooting. Was Netflix in Tow?

Meghan Markle has made a rather shameless “surprise” visit to Uvalde, Texas to allegedly support the victims of the mass shooting. However, her appearance raises questions about whether this visit was really about altruism or will it become a featured part of her and husband Prince Harry’s upcoming reality television show. 

The mass shooting at an elementary school that took the lives of 19 students and two teachers has shocked the United States. 

While many around the country are supporting the Uvalde community through donations and Texans are physically able to do things like donate blood and food items, Meghan Markle apparently felt like that wasn’t enough. Inexplicably, she traveled 1,400 miles from California to Texas in order to donate a bit of food and lay flowers in front of a group of photographers, who were able to capture her looking thoughtful and pensive at a makeshift memorial.

An aide or perhaps a friend even rubbed her back as she walked away, a way of truly selling her mournful intent.

The problem is, not everyone is buying it.

Per BuzzFeed News, a left-wing news outlet that apparently got the scoop about her visit, “Meghan, wearing a baseball cap and a black mask, quietly dropped by the community center’s kitchen to drop off two ‘large’ crates filled with sandwiches, beverages, and desserts for blood donors” at a local blood drive. 

“I had no idea who she was. She just was carrying on a conversation like her and I knew each other for years,” said volunteer Gloria Contreras. “We were just talking about, you know, the situation and what happened what we were doing here. I told her about us giving out water to the people and feeding them.”

“I even talked about my personal life, telling her about my son and my family and, you know, coming to Texas because she told me she was from Santa Barbara and I said, ‘Well, you need to come to Texas!'” Contreras said. “We were talking about Texas and Uvalde and how it is to be in a small town and how everybody is so kind and warm-hearted and know we know each other and stuff and how the faith is deep-rooted.”

It’s doubtful that without a photo opportunity or a movie/television role that Meghan would be caught dead in Texas. She’s made it clear that she identifies with the liberal crowds on the coasts and not in middle, small town America.

Per her spokesperson, Meghan was there “in a personal capacity as a mother” in order to offer “her condolences and support in person to a community experiencing unimaginable grief.”

It begs the question, who in the heck does Meghan Markle think she is? Who cares if she offers her personal “condolences?” Does it really matter?

That’s up to the people of Uvalde to decide—however, it seems like it was less about supporting the community and more likely a way to grab a quick photo opportunity at a local memorial in the national spotlight.

While knowing that tons of cameras are there and her presence could take away from the focus on the situation, she laid flowers down at the memorial in full view of a cadre of photographers. She even watched as one got a close-up picture of her bouquet of flowers. 

The whole things screamed virtue signaling PR stunt. 

There’s no reason why Meghan’s assistant could not have dropped the flowers, as she should have known that her presence would turn the news narrative. But she didn’t seem to think much beyond herself. 

It also appeared like there was a member of her Netflix crew off in the distance, no doubt capturing the emotional moment for her reality television show, because as it turns out Harry and Meghan don’t have much to offer in terms of content. They have to drum it up, and what better way, apparently, than a tragedy.

Now, more than ever, Meghan believes that she is truly an American princess, destined to help sprinkle her bit of “Markle Sparkle” on an unsuspecting public. The problem is, this country hasn’t had a monarchy in over 200 years and no one wants the House of Markle.

One thought on “Meghan Markle Makes Shameless ‘Surprise’ Visit to Memorial for Victims of Ovalde, Texas Mass Shooting. Was Netflix in Tow?

  1. Oh dear, just because the Montecito Faux Sussex Court member is wearing plane ol’ bluejeans, sneakers and a baseball cap, this does not make her a “plain Jane commoner”.

    And who shows up at the community where a horrible, horrible tragedy has happened with their “very own” camera crew? >>>TW (the wife) does, that’s who!!!

    By now, many are weary of how the Sussex pair earn their living. We are not convinced of any true humanitarianism. A president in the making, she is not!

    Markle go home!

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