The Story of Two Pictures: Kate and Wills Anniversary Photos vs. Harry and Megs Slick Hollywood Images

As part of their 10th anniversary celebration, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released two new pictures of the couple taken just this week. 

They show the royals relaxed, natural and engaged. One picture is even rather reminiscent of one of their engagement photos. Though it would have been nice to see Kate either looking at the camera or at William, he does both and their love and friendship is evident.

So how do these photos compared with those produced by the Meghan and Harry, recently released as part of the pregnancy announcement and Oprah interview?

Well, for one, both William and Catherine are equal in the shot. No one is taking center stage, they’re clearly a couple.

In the shot of Harry, Meghan and Archie, the only face visible is Meghan. Harry’s hiding his behind her and even Archie is covered with a blanket. 

Why even have the two in the shot? Meghan is so obviously the center of attention. Archie being covered makes a bit of sense, given their incessant need for privacy, but why even have Harry in the picture at all if his face is obscured by hers? There was no real reason for it. He is the father of both children after all.

The same couple be said for their engagement pictures, where in some it would have been fairly easy to crop Harry out or exchange him for any other bloke. She was clearly the focal point, and wanted the photographer and audience to know that. She is a former actress after all.

Those photos didn’t go over so well with her royal in-laws, or the country when the hear the price of the $50,000 dress she wore in the photoshoot.

And what about the stylizing. While William and Catherine looked posed but rather natural, Harry and Meghan’s pictures look more like a Vogue photoshoot.

Laying on her back in the garden with a prominent background tree while her head rested on Harry’s leg, they starred lovingly at each other in a photo that announced to the world her second pregnancy. It is an exciting moment, sure, but it is like all their pictures, overly stylized, black and white and, to a certain extent, rather cold. It looked like an advertisement, and not a spontaneous moment. The photo even has a symbolic “tree of life” in the background.

While overly stylized photos look great in fashion spreads, they just don’t work in real life. There is a naturalness and comfort in seeing two people together, just enjoying the moment. In Harry and Meghan’s picture, it’s easy to imagine that it took hours of discussion to create that “perfect” shot and how much thought and discussion went into every pose. William and Catherine’s could have happened in the span of 10 minutes, quick and easy because it was about simply getting a picture of two people in love.

So, what do you prefer? William and Catherine’s more natural pictures or Meghan and Harry’s slick, Hollywood PR images?

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