Cambridge Children’s Charmed Life – How Duchess Kate is Raising the New Royal Generation

This week, the world got an inside look into the charmed life of the Cambridges with a short video showing the family spending the day together at the beach and at their property in Norfolk. It demonstrates how not only are the Cambridge children living a charmed life, but the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are deeply involved in their children’s lives and are raising this new royal generation their way.

Defusing a toddler temper tantrum is never easy, especially when traveling with the stress and pressures are high. Now imagine doing so in front of cameras from all over the world while acting as diplomats to neighboring countries.

In 2017, while the Cambridges were touring Germany and Poland, Princess Charlotte started to have a little mini meltdown while on the tarmac at the airport. Like any toddler, her week had been busy with new experiences and an inconsistent schedule. Any parent knows that’s a potential recipe for a disaster.

But the Duchess of Cambridge swiftly and easily defused the situation at the airport, which could make any parent jealous. She even got the little girl to shake the hands of local helicopter pilots. 

In the world of aristocracy and royalty, it’s understandable that nannies are part of the package. However, that incident at the airport showed that Catherine is not a hands-off parent. She is one that is incredibly involved in her children’s lives and knows how to parent them publicly and quickly defuse potentially problematic situation.

That’s a skill that only comes with time and dedication.

There’s also the time where Princess Charlotte had a bit of a tumble on the balcony at the Trooping of the Colors in 2018 and became upset. Her mother picked her up and held her for a bit as she calmed down, before Charlotte was once again ready to join in on the fun.

Prince George was also acting up his aunt Pippa’s wedding, Catherine again was able to quickly defuse the situation.

As royals, there’s no doubt that the Cambridge children are privileged, but from all appearances and reports, they are also well-behaved, respectful but can also act like children as well, as when Princess Charlotte stuck her tongue out at a crowd.

They’re also a part of a close family unit. This was perfectly seen in the short video that the Cambridges released in honor of their 10th anniversary.

Like anything, to a certain extent the video was a PR piece, but you can’t fake that level of closeness nor the interactions. As a family, they clearly enjoy each other’s company and spend a good amount of quality time together.

As senior royals, Catherine and Prince William are blessed to remain much further down the line of succession than their contemporaries like Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, King Felipe and Queen Letizia, Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary, and Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit.

This gives them the freedom to enjoy time with their children without the pressures of being the direct heir or ruler. Oftentimes they’re criticized for not working more, but if their children are as polite and well-mannered as all the reports indicate, then Catherine and William are doing the country a greater service in the long run.

The disaster that is Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle, a woman who clearly craved the limelight and spotlight and not the trappings of royal duty, will likely be avoided in the next generation as the Cambridge children likely have a much better head on their shoulders and less emotional baggage.

The couple were also smart in having at least three children and not two. It seems like royals spares fare better when there are two and not just one, as the two further down the line can lean on each other for support. When it’s just two, like in the case of William and Harry, there is the heir and the spare, which likely increases tension in the relationship.

The Cambridges just celebrated 10 years of marriage, and hopefully they will be able to enjoy 10 more. However, in that time things will change quite a bit and they will most likely become the Prince and Princess of Wales. In the meantime, this quality time with their children will set up the family well in the future.

One thought on “Cambridge Children’s Charmed Life – How Duchess Kate is Raising the New Royal Generation

  1. I Think Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is in same League as Diana, Princess of Wales, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Grace Kelly, Melinda Gates,


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