Prince Harry’s Embarrassing Appearance at the ‘Vax Live’ Covid Concert Event

In a rather embarrassing appearance, showing how far he and Meghan have fallen, Prince Harry made a speech at the Los Angeles concert called “Vax Live Charity Concert.” The event was filled with celebrities and a large crowd encouraging first-world countries to share their COVID vaccines with others.

Walking out to a standing ovation with his title “the Duke of Sussex” showing up prominently in the background, the prince pitched his new country about sharing vaccines and the importance of our “shared humanity.”

He said, “Hi everybody. We are at a defining moment in the global fight against COVID-19. Tonight is a celebration of each of you here, the vaccinated frontline workers in the audience and the millions of frontline heroes around the world. You spent the last year battling courageously and selflessly to protect us all. You served and sacrificed, put yourselves in harm’s way and with bravery knowing the costs. We owe you an incredible depth of gratitude, thank you.

“But we’re also coming together because this pandemic cannot end unless we act collectively with an unprecedented commitment to our shared humanity. The vaccine must be distributed to everyone everywhere. We cannot rest or truly recover until there is fair distribution to every corner of the world. The mission in front of us is one we cannot afford to fail out and that’s what tonight is about. The virus does not respect borders and access to the vaccine cannot be determined by geography. It must be accepted as a basic right for all and that is our starting point. 

“None of us should be comfortable thinking that we could be fine when so many others are suffering. In reality, and especially with this pandemic, when any suffer, we all suffer. We must look beyond ourselves with empathy and compassion for those we know, and those we don’t. We need to lift up all of humanity and make sure that no person or community is left behind. What we do in this moment will stand in history and tonight, we stand in solidarity with the millions of families across India who are battling a devastating second wave.”

This event, again, shows how directionless both Harry and Meghan are after their move from the United Kingdom, basically attaching their flag to any event that could bring them a modicum of attention or some positive press.

It was completely unnecessary to have him there, as he didn’t really state anything that was of interest. But he and Meghan, who apparently was too pregnant to make an appearance, are the Campaign Chairs of the event.

He also looks rather ridiculous talking about “empathy and compassion,” when he hasn’t extended any to his own family or Meghan to hers. It’s seemingly all about continuing to attach themselves to celebrities and their various events to increase their star power, which is strange because what’s more powerful and influential than royalty.

Vax Live itself is rather superfluous, and was designed to help “inspire vaccine confidence worldwide and help get the COVID-19 vaccines to everyone, everywhere.”

But it doesn’t feel like the privileged pushing their perspective on those that aren’t?

Getting a vaccine should be a personal decision, not a government mandated one, or one, for that matter, pushed by mostly ignorant celebrities who, at best, have the most basic of high school education. Prince Harry himself barely graduated high school.

The royal went on to say, “This next bit is a bit dry but very serious. But before I start I just want to say every single one of you in here are awesome, thank you.

“I understand why people are confused or sometimes don’t know what to think or believe about vaccines. We are experiencing a viral pandemic alongside a digital pandemic. 

“In today’s world we are so connected, and much like the virus there are no virus online. So when vaccine misinformation and disinformation spreads, magnified on social media and in parts of traditional media, it poses a collective threat to humanity. 

“I believe that misinformation is a global humanitarian crisis and the crisis is getting worse.”

But why would we believe anything the new fresh prince of Montecito has to say about the vaccines, what does he know? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Much like how the doctors around the world have no idea if there will be any long-term side effects of these vaccines. That’s not a conspiracy, that’s just a fact at this point. If these vaccines have an unexpected long-term side effect, the doctors and public won’t know for 5 to 20 years at least.

Neither do any of the other celebrities who attended and hosted the event, including Selena Gomez (who many suspect is an alcoholic), Jennifer Lopez, Guadalupe Rodriguez, Chrissy Teigen, Olivia Munn, Ben Affleck, Jimmy Kimmel, President Joe Biden (who many suspect has dementia), First Lady Jill Biden and others.

What the world needs is a comprehensive rollout plan to countries that want the vaccine, not a celebrity packed event where the elite are pushing their agenda and beliefs on the masses, just because they can.

Prince Harry would be better served by staying home and avoiding such a privileged and elite display, but hey, they have to keep themselves relevant somehow.

2 thoughts on “Prince Harry’s Embarrassing Appearance at the ‘Vax Live’ Covid Concert Event

  1. I Think Prince Harry is in same League as Armie Hammer, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, James Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch, Jordan Belfort,


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