Meghan Markle Not Having a Baby Shower for Daughter, Believing ‘It’s Not Appropriate Right Now’

Apparently, Meghan Markle has decided that it is “not appropriate” to have a large baby shower “right now,” given the state of things going on in the world and that she and Prince Harry want to focus on their work.

If only she could have done that last time.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a royal having a baby shower, but optics for such an event are critical. During her last pregnancy, Meghan did not take that to heart and had a massive and costly baby shower in New York City.

Estimates have the baby shower costing a staggering $200,000, for a couple of days. Though the costs were mostly covered by Meghan’s guests, as royals are not worth nearly as much as the Duchess of Sussex seemed to believe, it also required U.S. special agents and NYPD security to help her as she very publicly galavanted around the city with her friends. Her vehicles even had diplomatic plates.

While royals do need protection when they travel abroad, it should bother most Americans that their security dollars went to fund a former actress’ over-the-top and completely unnecessary baby shower, including her corresponding pap walks.

Again, she could have had a baby shower, but there are likely plenty of private locations in the U.K. that could have offered the luxury some of her rich friends expect. If having in the United States was critical to her, then no doubt there are some equally private and lux locations in the New York area that could have provided privacy and could be equally secure.

Instead, she had to make a spectacle of herself in Manhattan, supposedly providing information to photographers and the press about where she and her entourage were going next. It was so obvious that the C-list actress, who used to pay paparazzi to take her picture (that they were never able to sell), finally had the interest she so desperately craved as an actress.

The first round was bad enough, the world doesn’t need to be subjected to another Meghan Markle baby shower.

Supposedly, according to US Weekly Correspondent Christina Garibaldi, “This summer the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will welcome their baby girl into the world but she is not having a baby shower.

“A source tells us Meghan doesn’t feel a big baby shower with gifts is appropriate right now.

“There is too much strife in the world, she and Harry have been so involved with humanitarian issues, they both feel their time and resources can be used for a better purpose.”

She added: “The couple have been readying their son, Archie to be a big brother with a source telling us they’re giving Archie all the attention he can handle right now as he eagerly awaits the arrival of his baby sister.”

That’s probably the best course of action, as Meghan’s first baby shower went down like a lead balloon with the public. As a royal, such a public an ostentatious display is frowned upon, as their lifestyle is funded by the taxpayer. If they indulge in a little luxury, it’s best to do so without any type of display.

Though her and Harry are supposedly financially independent, they still cling to everything royalty, just without the duties. Going without a baby shower, especially for two obscenely wealthy people, is probably for the best. A baby is always a cause for a celebration, but does she really need presents? No. 

Photo from Grazia.

3 thoughts on “Meghan Markle Not Having a Baby Shower for Daughter, Believing ‘It’s Not Appropriate Right Now’

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