Prince Harry’s New Comments on Apple TV+ Demonstrates the Extent of Meghan Markle’s Lies and Manipulations of Her Husband, Including Faked Suicidal Comments

In his latest television venture, the fresh prince of Montecito is continuing his whining and complaining about his immensely privileged life in the royal family, including his wife Meghan’s alleged suicidal thoughts. But instead of eliciting sympathy, it instead highlights the extent of her manipulations of her dimwitted royal husband. 

During the Cirque du Solei concert event at Royal Alfred Hall in 2018, Meghan Markle had just told her husband that she was having suicidal thoughts, describing to him in apparently great detail how she would supposedly end her life.

Harry said, “Meghan decided to share with me the suicidal thoughts and the practicalities of how she was going to end her life.

“The thing that stopped her from seeing it through was how unfair it would be on me after everything that had happened to my mum and to now to be put in a position of losing another woman in my life — with a baby inside of her, our baby.

“The scariest thing for her was her clarity of thought. She hadn’t ‘lost it.’ She wasn’t crazy. She wasn’t self-medicating, be it through pills or through alcohol. She was absolutely sober. She was completely sane.”

But is that how supposedly suicidal people behave. Maybe, but maybe not.

(If you or someone you know is suicidal, there is help. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the U.S. is available at 800-273-8255 and those in the U.K. can contact the Samaritans at 116 123.) 

While it is often considered damaging to question someone’s supposedly suicidal thoughts, but Meghan’s given the public plenty of reasons to doubt her comments.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, some of the warning signs for suicide include:

Talking about: Wanting to die, great guilt or shame, being a burden to others

Feeling: empty, hopeless, trapped or having no reason to live; extremely sad, more anxious, agitated or full of rage; unbearable emotional or physical pain.

Changing behavior, such as: making a plan or researching ways to die; withdrawing from friends, saying goodbye, giving away important items, or making a will; taking dangerous risks such as driving extremely fast; displaying extreme mood swings; eating or sleeping more or less; using drugs or alcohol more often.

The alleged circumstances surround Meghan Markle’s suicide do not necessarily fit these parameters.

When Meghan talked about suicide, she talked about it but said that she didn’t want Harry to deal with another loss. So, even when she was telling him in detail about how she would kill herself, she also admitted that she wasn’t actually going to do it because he already lost his mother.

There are legitimate suicide attempts and thoughts, but it seems rather calculated that she was apparently suicidal the same time his mother was in her first pregnancy.

This is playing devil’s advocate, as suicidal thoughts should always be taken seriously, but people also lie to manipulate and secure a certain outcome. Yes, Meghan may have been suicidal, but it’s also evident that she wanted her husband to leave the royal family and go with her to Hollywood so she could finally get her shot at super stardom. 

Also, if she was really was suicidal, then she really is a better actor than I gave her credit for.

There are also his comments on how Meghan used an argument to push him into therapy.

He said, “I saw GPs. I saw doctors. I saw therapists. I saw alternative therapists. I saw all sorts of people, but it was meeting and being with Meghan.

“I knew that if I didn’t do the therapy and fix myself that I was going to lose this woman who I could see spending the rest of my life with. 

“When she said, ‘I think you need to see someone,’ it was in reaction to an argument that we had. And in that argument not knowing about it, I reverted back to 12-year-old Harry.”

Now this could be a legitimate suggestion to get help, and his interest in Meghan could have been the catalyst to get him to really try and repair his relationship with her. Therapy does only work if the person really wants to change—however, as a commentor on The Daily Mail stated, it could have also been a manipulation on her part to win an argument by suggesting he is a problem and needs therapy.

Again, that’s looking for fault when there might not be any, but Meghan’s manipulations and lies have been well-established.

His statements also completely dismantle her claims that she was unable to get help for her alleged suicidal thoughts, since Prince Harry was able to access multiple medical professionals for his mental issues before he even met her. 

This may be wishful thinking, but perhaps he knew that she was lying or exaggerating and didn’t get her help because he knew her claims were false.

In the end, she was able to pull him away from the royal family by playing on his fears, insecurities and the deep trauma of his mother’s loss. 

If Harry thinks that this latest whine-athon will help him, or anyone else really, then he is mistaken. It just reminds the public that he is a weak-willed and easily fooled man who was completely manipulated by a woman he was warned multiple times, by family members and friends, was bad news.

It had nothing to do with the color of her skin, and everything to do with the content of her character.

Picture from Grazia.

8 thoughts on “Prince Harry’s New Comments on Apple TV+ Demonstrates the Extent of Meghan Markle’s Lies and Manipulations of Her Husband, Including Faked Suicidal Comments

  1. I Think Prince Harry is just a Snob, Arrogance, Narcissism, Prima donna, Egotism, Spoiled child, White Privilege.


  2. I Think Prince Harry Is on the same level as Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, James Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch, Jordan Belfort, Brody Jenner, Brandon Jenner, Rob Kardashian, Armie Hammer,


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