Prince Harry ‘Blinded’ by Hollywood and Meghan’s Beauty and Will Be Left ‘Broken,’ Diana’s former Butler Warns

Prince Harry has been making quite a spectacle of himself in the United States and around the world through his strong “woe is me” campaign. For many, it is already wearing thin, and Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell is warning the wayward prince against being “blinded” by his wife Meghan Markle’s beauty and the bright lights of Hollywood.

It’s a suggestion that he should take to heart.

In his statements, Burrell said, “He’s been blinded by Meghan, by her beauty and by this Hollywood world.

“He won’t heal if he keeps doing this – it’ll make things worse in the long run.

“I honestly have no idea when he’ll stop.”

Burrell continued, “Doing what he’s doing is only going to cause him so much more pain. I don’t recognize him now – he’s almost become the center of his own world,” he said in an interview with Closer magazine.

“He’s hurting his family and saying things that I think he’ll regret.”

He added, “Meghan has encouraged him to get therapy and change his way of thinking – but I think he’ll be left broken when this all stops and he realizes what he’s done.”

This is a sound assessment. According to sources, Harry has always been a bit starstruck by celebrities, which is rather ironic seeing that royalty is the ultimate level of fame.

Meghan Markle somewhat fits that fold, though she was only a moderately successful actress with only one notable credit to her name, her role on the USA Network series “Suits.” 

But Harry has also demonstrated his naïve, insecurity and, some could even argue, his stupidity in picking Meghan has his wife. 

Though she did have a television series, she was by no means an in-demand actress and, if the rumors are accurate, she would soon be written out of the show as her on-screen love interest was departing. 

In order to try and raise her profile, she set up her lifestyle and fashion blog The Tig, named after a particular style of wine. It was somewhat successful but nothing to write home about. 

Her other roles beyond “Suits” were pretty low tier, including a brief shot of her giving a blow job in a car for “Beverly Hills 90210” and as a FedEx delivery woman in “Horrible Bosses,” which lasted only a minute and was incredibly awkward and demonstrated her stilted and uninspiring acting.

At the end of the day, Meghan had little prospects in Hollywood as she was reaching 40.

And then one day, she somehow snagged a prince. He was taken in by her charm, beauty and supposed humanitarian work, which at that time consisted of one trip to Rwanda and not much else.

She gave him a son, and then convinced him to leave the royal family in a high-profile escape plan, now known as Megxit. He’s now moaning and complaining about his life as a prince, while children die every day from preventable diseases.

This is a decision that he will inevitably come to regret, like so many men he was drawn in by a pretty face and a promise of riches and success, if only he dropped everything and followed her.

There’s a quote that’s floated around with Prince Harry and it’s rather fitting. It goes something to the effect that a mother can build a man up over two decades and a woman can destroy him in 15 minutes. This fits Harry and Meghan.

It’s unclear what will happen with the couple, though divorce is somewhere in the offing, but this Hollywood venture isn’t’ going to end well for Harry. His reputation in the U.K. and the U.S. is wrecked and he will likely never recover. In his rush to wed Meghan, perhaps he should have spent more time getting to know who she is beyond the pseudo-Hollywood glamor.

Picture from The Mirror.

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