Is Meghan Markle’s End Goal to Bring Down the Monarchy? Why the Duchess of Montecito Won’t Succeed

Immediately after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, it appeared like the fallout could result in a constitutional crisis that could potentially bring down the monarchy, which may have been part of their plan. However, a couple of months later, it appears like Meghan overplayed her hand. 

Not only did the two fail to bring down the monarchy, it appears like the British royal family is more secure than ever before.

There’s an easy lesson that Meghan should take to heart, the house, or this case the monarchy, always wins.

When Meghan and Prince Harry shared their “truth” about their time in the British royal family with Oprah, people across the world were shocked. The couple claimed that they were the victims of racism, that Meghan was suicidal, that Prince Charles cut them off, that their son Archie was denied a title and security for being part black and that the Duchess of Cambridge made Meghan cry.

The reaction by the public was initially so brutal in some cases, there were calls for violence against members of the royal family, especially the Duchess of Cambridge, if someone came across them in the streets.

It appeared like the couple could even bring down the monarchy, as the institution appeared like it was moving towards the greatest constitutional crisis since King Edward abdicated the thrown to marry Wallis Simpson.

And, that may have been the couple’s goal, as extreme as it might have seen.

Many reports have highlighted that Meghan Markle displays traits of a textbook narcissist, and it’s entirely possible that she wants to destroy the institution that she feels like rejected her and didn’t treat her as a star.

But a couple of months later, it appears like those concerns were premature. 

The monarchy is seemingly stronger than ever. 

The death of Prince Philip brought the country around the royal family, especially as several members, especially the Queen, outwardly showed grief at the loss of their patriarch. It also showed the royal family as a family, highlighting Prince Harry and Meghan’s estrangement from their own.

There’s also the growing profile of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, who has recently been called the royal family’s “jewel.” 

This comment was made by Camilla Tominey for the Sunday’s Telegraph.

Royal biographer Christopher Wilson also added, “What Kate has managed to achieve – and I think in a better way than Princess Diana did – is to combine magic with retaining a sense of the ordinary.” 

“Diana went off the scale of stardom and disappeared into the stratosphere. Kate has kept her feet on the ground, coming from this determinedly middle-class family, which has in turn helped to ground William too. Their marriage is strong because of that.”

Somewhere in Montecito, Meghan Markle is likely screaming in rage.

The former actress desperately wanted to become the star of the royal family. While she did engage in some interesting projects, she was never the center of attention and had to take a backseat to other, more senior, members of the royal family.

For a narcissist like Meghan, who always dreamt of international stardom and seemingly fashioned herself as the next Princess Diana, this was a slap in the face. 

Many have suggested that Meghan, who still wants the public to refer to her as the Duchess of Sussex, wanted the interview to bring down or disparage the monarchy so she could gain the upper hand with the family, which didn’t bow to her self-believed star power.

Months later, while her comments initially got a lot of international attention, many of the allegations she shared with Oprah have been proven false or misleading. As a result, her and Harry’s approval numbers and credibility are tanking, in the U.K. and in the United States.

Ironically, she has also strengthened the relationship between the British public and the monarchy, the institution that she and her husband supposedly hate and despise so much. 

From Prince William and Catherine’s successful mini-tour of Scotland to Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall’s, mini tour of Northern Ireland, the monarchy is doing what it does best: working and engaging with the public.

No doubt, Meghan and Harry are going to continue sharing what they consider damaging revelations about the royal family, but it’s not going to work. Meghan may consider herself the next Oliver Cromwell, who helped overthrow King Charles I and ordered his execution in the 1600s, but she should take a lesson from him as well. 

He may have ruled England for 10 or so years, but it didn’t last. When he died, the various factions eventually just asked King Charles II to retake the throne and his body was eventually exhumed from Westminster Abbey and posthumously executed.

The monarchy always wins, always. A former C-list actress and self-proclaimed humanitarian doesn’t stand a chance.

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