Meghan Markle ‘Fled’ Fiji Market after Seeing UN Women Branding, which Rejected Her Bid to Become Goodwill Ambassador

Apparently, Meghan Markle does not take rejection well. Case-in-point, her aborted visit to a Fiji market during her and Harry’s Pacific tour in 2018, where she told her security team that she wanted to leave a crowded market before meeting a group of women.

This revelation, which has been hinted at, is the latest from author Robert Lacey, who is reissuing his book “Battle of the Brothers.”

In the book, Lacey reveals that Meghan demanded that her security and team leave a crowded market, creating a bit of a security nightmare as they swiftly tried to get her out of the environment, after seeing branding from UN women. 

Their crime? Not making her a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Lacey wrote, “She had rubbed shoulders with the likes of Hillary Clinton and actor Kiefer Sutherland and might have hoped to join UN Women’s distinguished roster of goodwill ambassadors that included celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and Emma Watson.

“But in those pre-Harry days, UN Women only assigned the cable actress the lesser role of advocate.”

The Duchess of Montecito doesn’t take rejection well, even though as a minor cable TV actress with only one somewhat notable role, she didn’t have the fame or the caliber to really be of use to an organization like the UN.

A screenwriter in Hollywood reports, “Meghan does not cope well with what she perceives as rejection.

“She’s nice and smiley as can be until you step in her way or don’t give her what she hopes for. Then she can be remorseless – heaven help you!”

In the process, she selfishly disappointed the women she was supposed to meet.

One of the women, who waited hours for her arrival, told the press, “It is such a shame. We started preparing for the visit three weeks ago and had been meant to meet her, but she left without even saying hello.”

But of course, can’t reject the Duchess of Montecito. She is the most important woman in world, don’t you know.

Picture from The Irish Mirror.

4 thoughts on “Meghan Markle ‘Fled’ Fiji Market after Seeing UN Women Branding, which Rejected Her Bid to Become Goodwill Ambassador

  1. I Think Meghan Markle Is on the same level as Amber Heard, Patrizia Reggiani, Melania Trump, Hilaria Baldwin, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Elaine Chao, Lara Trump, Bethenny Frankel, Heather Mills, Lauren Sánchez, Jameela Jamil, Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, Nadine Macaluso, Chrissy Teigen,


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