Diana Statue Drama – How a Sweet Memorial Event Became a Battle Between Brothers and Tabloid Fodder

On July 1, Prince William and Prince Harry will unveil a statue dedicated to their mother’s memory. It should be a sweet occasion to commemorate what would have been her 60th birthday—however, the event has seemingly descended into tabloid fodder, as the feud between the brothers has consumed the press.

Before Prince Harry made his highly anticipated return to the U.K. last week, there were a slew of articles debating whether he would attend. 

The royal, who currently resides in California with his wife and children, has seemingly done everything he can to poison his family relationships, especially the one with his brother William by giving an explosive tell-all interview to Oprah Winfrey.

The brother’s relationship, which was already strained post-Megxit, went glacial after the interview. 

As a result, the press is more interested in seeing how the brothers interact and what other drama occurs at the event than actually seeing the statue.

According to sources, the brother’s relationship is “still very much strained.”

Robert Lacey, who is writing a new book about the royal siblings, has reported that after the Oprah interview aired, “They started quarrelling again.”

“There they were, at each other’s throats as fiercely as ever. The rage and anger between those two has grown so incredibly deep. Too many harsh and wounding things have been said.”

More than anything else, the press is hoping to see how this strain plays out in public at the unveiling. Will they get along for the cameras? Or will the frosty relationship be too challenging to hide?

Most guesses estimate that it will be the former rather than the latter, and the tabloids and various self-described body language experts will dissect every moment, every glance and every word.

Though some have suggested that this trip will help the two begin to mend their bond as brothers, this is highly unlikely. It will take more time than a quick trip, and William and Catherine are unlikely to fully trust Harry again as long as he’s still married to Meghan Markle.

Speaking of The Duchess of Cambridge, who is apparently not attending the unveiling, will apparently view the statue together privately with William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis before the event. Prince William wants to spend some private time with the statue before it’s unveiling, along with his new family that Princess Diana never had the opportunity to meet.

Harry is planning on doing the same.

Another royal that will not attend is Prince Charles, Diana’s husband of 15 years.

In a report from The Sunday Times, “He does find it terribly difficult.

“These moments have the potential to resurface old wounds, and it brings back memories for him; happy, sad, regretful.

“Since Diana’s death, he has felt it’s best to keep those memories to himself and leave his sons to it.”

No matter what happens, this event is no longer about Princess Diana, but the drama that has consumed her sons and the royal family. It’s sad, as her loss is deeply felt by those who knew her and people across the world. 

Picture from Cosmopolitan.

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