Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Business Already Floundering? Why Their Decision to Hire Podcast Producer is a Sign of Problems Behind the Scenes

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently decided to hire a producer for their upcoming podcast in Spotify, which some have argued is a sign that the former royals may be struggling creatively.

If that’s the case, it wouldn’t be a surprise. 

Several months ago, the couple signed a deal with Spotify that could see them making upwards of $25 million. However, they’ve been a bit slow when it comes to producing.

Around Christmas, they released one episode of their podcast that lasted 33 minutes. Harry and Meghan didn’t actually do much at all for it, instead letting their celebrity guests do the heavy lifting by having them submit their thoughts via recording. The two couldn’t even conduct a couple of simple interviews.

Needless to say, the single episode didn’t do well, and was beaten in the ratings by whale noises people use to help them sleep.

While it’s just one episode, why haven’t they been able to produce anything else in the ensuing months? Meghan may have been pregnant, but the benefit of a podcast is that they can be done at anytime and anywhere, even in your pajamas. All someone needs is a mic and a decent editor.

So why could the two only create one episode?

With the hiring of a producer for Archewell Audio, it could be a sign that they were really unable to produce something on their own or that they lacked creativity to come up with interesting content.

It’s understandable that they need some help, but it seems rather late to finally hire someone.

They’ve done the same with their producing for Netflix, hiring a producer months after the deal was announced for Archewell Productions when they are supposed to take on the creative, leadership and producer role.

It’s a sign that they’re clearly outsourcing part of the creative process because they are unable or unwilling to do it.

Twitter user @UKRoyalTea has concluded that this latest announcement is a sign of trouble for the couple and their future productions, particularly as the announcement was made during a holiday weekend, which is a common tactic for celebrities who want to bury bad news.

“Interesting that for the second time, the Sussexes have hired a person to oversee a content deal seven to eight months after the original announcement,” UKRoyalTea posted.

The hire is also not starting until August, a sign that Spotify may have to wait until 2022 for an Archewell production. 

From a business perspective, Spotify should be frustrated with the former royal couple. After all, podcasts are not complicated productions. I’ve actually done some myself and it’s pretty easy, though time consuming when it comes to editing but they could easily outsource that.

The only reason to hire out is that the couple are either taking on too much are unable to handle the stresses and complications of being producers and fulltime creatives. 

Time will tell how things play out, but I would guess producing is harder for the dimwitted prince and former c-list actress than they want to admit.

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