The Fall of Prince Harry Is Complete – How the U.K.’s Once Most Popular Has Revealed Himself as a Classless Sellout

In a shocking announcement, Prince Harry has revealed via his publisher Random House that he is in the process of writing his memoirs about life in the royal family and Megxit that will be published in 2022.

It’s a decision he will completely live to regret, as he has shown the world yet again that he’s no prince, just a classless sellout who’s willing to sell his soul and his family for a dollar.

And he’s too stupid to even recognize what he’s done. 

Prince Harry, at one time, was the U.K.‘s most popular royal, with the Queen in second place. But post-Meghan and Megxit, his popularity has plummeted, along with his wife’s.

In another bit of shameless self-promotion, Prince Harry had announced that his memoirs will be published next year.

Oh Harry, how the mighty have fallen.

He’s too indoctrinated with the Markle Sparkle to realize this yet, but this’ll be the latest nail in his coffin. Selling your soul and family to make potentially $20 million is a move only a low class d-list actor or actress would make. A tell all has no trappings of royalty, but instead is just tabloid fodder. 

Sure, it may sell millions of copies, but at what cost. 

His hopes of reconciling with his family has now been completely destroyed. His brother and father will never, ever completely trust him again. 

Is the money worth it Harry? Only time will tell since a “fool and his money will soon be parted,” and Harry is clearly a fool if he thinks this’ll help him in the long run. 

He can likely also kiss that precious title goodbye. 

Though he shamelessly uses it to promote himself, his wife and this book, his publisher is telling the world that, “I’m writing this not as the prince I have born but as the man I have become.”

Perhaps you don’t realize this Harry, but men, real men, keep family conflicts private and make their own way in life. If you were really a man Harry, you would drop those titles and at least attempt to make it on your own merits.

But you can’t. 

Neither you or your wife have any talents, except destroying previously close relationships and hawking your public image to the highest bidder. 

While that may have worked in the beginning, the routine is getting old. 

Every time you try to set the record straight, you or your wife contradict yourselves. 

You’re hypocrites.

You may be getting lots of press attention, but it isn’t good attention and the public is becoming increasingly aware of your inadequacies and PR games. 

You’re a hack, and so is your wife. This book is a stupid and juvenile mistake of a man-child who is bitter, arrogant and just plain jealous. 

Prince Charles will be king. Prince William will be king. Prince George will be king. You will not, accept that and learn how to live and work on your own merits, without destroying your family relationships in the process.

But I’m afraid, this is a lesson you’ll only learn after Meghan Markle finally gives you the boot. Then you’ll realize that this game only minimally benefits her in the long run, and really just benefits the people who are trading and making money off your stupidity. You will soon be an unemployed former soldier without a title or your family to bail you out of trouble.

Perhaps then you’ll realize that Meghan Markle is nothing but a hustler and conwoman who took you, your life, your family and your title for a ride, only to dispose of you when you’re no longer useful. 

Your family may take you back, but it’ll never be the same and then you’ll realize all you lost to the hollow Markle Sparkle. 

Picture from The Sun.

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  1. I Think Prince Harry Is on the same level as Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, James Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch, Jordan Belfort, Brody Jenner, Brandon Jenner, Rob Kardashian, Scott Disick, Brett Kavanaugh,

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