The Sussex Delusion – Meghan and Harry Embarrass Themselves by Acting like Visiting Diplomats and Royals in NYC

Harry and Meghan recently traveled to New York City to meet with the mayor, visit a wreath at the World Trade Center Memorial, visit the U.S. U.N. Ambassador and once again use taxpayer funded security to protect their business and self-promotion endeavors.

The reason why Mayor Bill DeBlasio is indulging them is a bit of a mystery, as Harry and Meghan represent no country nor group. In fact, they just represent themselves and show an embarrassing amount of self-delusion regarding their own importance.

The couple, who are self-exiled royals that serve no official function except to sign Netflix and Spotify deals and produce nothing, started their day at the One World Trade Center. 

Meghan, who is likely trying to hide that pesky baby weight that she can’t quite lose, wore an entirely black ensemble (though The Daily Mail claims it was actually navy), with a turtleneck, trousers and long black coat.

It was apparently 80 degrees and muggy in the city. 

Unless she was acting in a television or movie program set in winter, there was no reason to walk around in long coats, unless she’s still body conscious and struggling to lose all of the meal ticket (cough, cough) I mean baby weight. Not trying to throw shade, but just stating a fact.

They also admired a wreath laid at the memorial, and thankfully did not actually lay one for the photo opportunity.

Throughout the morning and afternoon they met with others, including the U.S. U.N. Ambassador, but it’s unclear why the city of New York is treating them as if they are visiting dignitaries. 

They no longer represent Her Majesty The Queen nor any other country. Harry is probably hardly talking with his family, and yet they’ve been indulged by this little diplomatic tour of New York.

It’s embarrassing that the city that never is giving this irrelevant couple such attention, and it’s even more embarrassing that Harry and Meghan are letting it happen.

Have a bit of self-respect. You are no longer royal. You just represent a business. Act like it.

As they were walking, at times they held hands, though not with their fingers interlaced. At one time, it appears like Harry is walking just holding her finger, as if he is a toddler.

Meghan also continued to wear her garish jewelry collection, including the massive diamond pinky ring that was likely given to her by a family from the Middle East. (Honestly, is there nothing more pretentious than a pinky ring. Especially a pinky ring that’s actually bigger than her engagement ring?)

After the growing fervor over the ring, it’s clearly an f-you to the public and inquiring minds.

Meghan, ever the rather terrible actress, tries her best to remain solemn at the memorial and attempts to make the public feel her deep sense of loss at that terrible event.

She even said before the meeting with the Mayor and Governor of New York that “it was wonderful to be back” in the city.

She’s the only one, except for her sycophantic fans who have now dubbed her Madame Duchess Meghan. That’s not even correct, as she herself holds no official title since it’s her husband Harry with the title.

Perhaps what’s most annoying, and of course hypocritical, is their use of gas guzzling SUVs for their pseudo diplomatic tour of the city, their hotel reservations costing thousands of dollars per night and their possible use of taxpayer funded security.

If I was a citizen of New York, I would demand to know if my tax dollars was spent to excessively protect two minor and irrelevant royals as they went on an investment and self-promotion tour.

The whole situation is irritating, embarrassing and just a sign of how deluded and unlikeable the two of them have become.

Harry and Meghan. You are not royals anymore. You gave that up to live a “private” life. Now would you please live your life privately? We would all appreciate it.

Thankfully, other than The Daily Mail, no one seems to care about it. That’s good for all of us. 

Picture from Fox Baltimore.

9 thoughts on “The Sussex Delusion – Meghan and Harry Embarrass Themselves by Acting like Visiting Diplomats and Royals in NYC

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