Prince Harry Supposedly On the Verge of Tears During Commonwealth Service. Apparently the Reality of Megxit was a Shock

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the stunning decision to leave the royal family in pursuit of Hollywood royalty, and apparently Princess Diana’s younger son was really feeling the moment when during the Commonwealth Service. Specifically, he felt that his and Meghan’s noted exclusion from the royal processional stung and almost led to tears.

This latest revelation comes from a new addition of Robert Lacey’s book about the warring royal brothers.

As part of a series of final engagements as official working royals, Harry and Meghan attended the Commonwealth Service, which brings the most senior royals out in force. Due to Megxit and the couple’s departure from the royal family, Harry and Meghan were not going to walk with the Queen, Prince Charles, The Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Harry was quite miffed at what he considered a snub and the emotions almost brought him to tears.

Throughout the entire Megxit process, Harry seemed oblivious to the reality that leaving the royal family would result in the couple losing tax payer funded security, his royal patronages and the loss of other certain perks. Since he’s never held a real job, the mechanics of quitting were a bit of a surprise.

So like a child who didn’t understand that throwing a toy at another child’s head would result in a time out, Harry was pouty throughout the entire service and perhaps was even driven to tears at the lack of inclusion.

Even though the royal family decided to make Harry and Meghan feel better by having William and Catherine taking a seat before the monarch and the Prince of Wales arrived, a serious break in tradition, that wasn’t enough.

Apparently, the tears came after Harry realized his title, The Duke of Sussex, wasn’t included in the program.

Lacey wrote, “The only problem was that 2,000 orders of service had already been distributed round the Abbey, explaining that William and Kate would enter and process with the main royal party — and making no mention at all of Harry and Meghan.

“So there was the snub in black and white — set out for all to see.

“Observers also noted that Harry’s face was ‘quite tense and unsmiling’ — and that when William sat down close to him, he barely greeted his brother.

“Throughout the service, Meghan megawatted away with her best TV smile but, as the ceremony progressed, Harry appeared to grow gloomier.”

Of course, Meghan’s expression almost never changed throughout the entire service, despite the tense situation. She may have been a bad actress, but she can successfully give a sly smirk, a dazzling smile and, when needed, a solemn expression. What is she really thinking is anyone’s guess.

“According to one observer, ‘his accelerated blinking even suggested he might have been fighting back tears.'”

Well, that’s what happens when you quit. It should not have been a surprise to Harry, but Meghan spun a tale of Hollywood success for her husband. They may succeed, or Harry may look back at that service and think that the whole Megxit debacle was a mistake.

7 thoughts on “Prince Harry Supposedly On the Verge of Tears During Commonwealth Service. Apparently the Reality of Megxit was a Shock

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