The Ultimate Insult to the Queen? Rumors that Harry and Meghan Are Planning Their Own Jubilee Celebration in Honor of Her Majesty

Harry and Meghan very publicly stepped back from royal duties in early 2020 to focus on their family—however, they just can’t quite give up continuing to insult Her Majesty, Harry’s family and the United Kingdom. This is if the rumors that the couple are planning their own jubilee celebration in their new U.S. home, and potential kingdom, are to be believed.

Rumors have surfaced that Harry and Meghan may not go to the U.K. to celebrate the Queen’s 70 years on the throne, and May instead set up their own “charity” celebration.

If they do this, it would be the ultimate insult to the Queen and the rest of the royal family.

The comments were made by royal commentator Neil Sean on his YouTube channel, so the information is suspect at best.

He said, “According to a very good source, very close to Harry and Meghan, it looks like Harry and Meghan could be planning the alternative Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

“A lot of people over in New York and particularly in the United States will be celebrating with us on that special weekend.

“But Harry and Meghan, according to that close source, think they could do something themselves – perhaps throw a huge gala party, some big sort of concert event, all raising money for the charitable causes associated with not just Harry and Meghan, but some of the causes associated with her gracious Majesty the Queen.”

If done it would be in incredibly poor taste, using a woman who’s served her country for 70 years and sacrificed so much of her life from such a young age to the betterment of her people. But at the same time, it sadly wouldn’t be a surprise either.

The California couple seem to enjoy jumping on every bandwagon in order to gain a modicum of attention.

So attempting to steal the spotlight with their own even, while telling the public is really all about the Queen, is very much their M.O.

But the other, more simple reason, is that Harry and Meghan, especially Meghan, are worried about facing the scrutiny and likely boos from the U.K. public.

If they create their own event where they can control the narrative, and more importantly the crowds, is critical for the image challenged couple.

A huge crowd of people, who are their to celebrate the Queen and royal family, not the incredible generosity of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, has no appeal to a couple obsessed with becoming the saviors of the world.

At the same time, an any platform be better than the Jubilee? After all, the two are constantly trading on the royal connection in order to make money.

Only time will tell, but as for this correspondent I hope that they are there. I’m anxious to see how the crowd reacts. I actually plan on attending the event.

Are they welcomed? Or will the public let Harry and Meghan know how far they’ve fallen?

It’ll be interesting to see.

Picture from Ringer.

11 thoughts on “The Ultimate Insult to the Queen? Rumors that Harry and Meghan Are Planning Their Own Jubilee Celebration in Honor of Her Majesty

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