Court Documents Show Meghan Markle LIED, She DID Force Her Staff to Cooperate with ‘Finding Freedom’ Authors and DID Intend to Publicize Letter to Her Father

New court documents show that Meghan Markle did directly cooperate with Omid Scobie, one of the authors of “Finding Freedom,” and she did write the letter to her father with the press in mind. This new information comes curtesy of testimony given by Jason Knauf, the palace staffer who blew the whistle on Meghan’s bullying of royal staff members.

Needless to say, this blockbuster claim demonstrates once again Meghan Markle’s penchant for lying and manipulating. It could also be what The Mail on Sunday needs to reverse the initial court decision awarding Meghan the win.

Meghan and her husband Prince Harry have been aggressive litigators as members of the royal family and after, but this aggressive tactic towards the press may finally be backfiring—although it may finally be the abusive way Meghan treated her royal staff that may ultimately lead to her downfall.

According to court documents, Jason Knauf has testified that Meghan wrote the letter to her father “with public consumption in mind,” which her lawyers argued in court was in accurate. This calls her entire case into question and could potentially reverse the initial decision.

In addition, it’s also been revealed that Meghan used Knauf to funnel information to “Finding Freedom” author Omid Scobie, who is a Sussex lapdog parading around as a royal reporter. Over the last year, he’s become an increasing joke within the royal fold, and there are some rumors that he may no longer have access to the royal family after he made some comments about Prince William.

Regardless of what happens with the case, this new evidence damages Meghan’s, and by extension Harry’s, credibility.

Knauf’s testimony also shows that there is no love lost between Meghan and royal staff members. He is incredibly willing to put his neck and professional reputation on the line in order to dispute Meghan and Harry’s post-royal narrative.

As Angela Levin put it, “Jason Knauf is an honorable man.”  

It’s clear that those who worked closely with Meghan during her time as a royal have a decisively negative opinion of her and her actions. Earlier this year, some rather damaging bullying allegations came out about Meghan, detailing her treatment taxpayer funded staff. 

As The Times London reported, Meghan was so belligerent and sharp that she went through several personal assistants and staffers were terrified to tell her bad news. 

No doubt, Knuaf was forced to sign an NDA during his time working for the royals. In theory he should be barred from testifying on these topics, but the palace obviously no longer has any intention of shielding Meghan from the implications of her abusive actions during her very brief tenure as a senior member of the royal family.

The independent investigation into Meghan’s alleged bullying will probably come out next year, and it should be very telling. As a royal, the former actress used her title and position to demean and mistreat the people who worked under. That should tell the public all they need to know about the true nature of Meghan’s character.

She’s not a humanitarian or an advocate for female empowerment, she’s simply a bully.Hopefully, this new testimony will result in a successful appeal for The Mail on Sunday, and a hint of what could be to come when the bullying

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