Meghan Markle’s Bullying and Initial Court Win Spurred Former Staffer Jason Knuaf to Give Testimony Disputing Duchess’ Claims

Meghan Markle may live to regret both her court case and her treatment of staff as a royal. It’s come to light as part of the appeals process for her recent court case that her former communications secretary Jason Knauf was spurned to give damaging testimony of the duchess after she initially won a summary judgement in her court case.

Jason Knauf has quite an impressive resume in the communications field, working with Her Majesty’s Treasury and the Royal Bank of Scotland before joining the royal household in 2015, where he served as the communications secretary for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Meghan officially fell under Knauf’s purview in 2017, after her engagement. 

Based on everything that’s come out, Meghan’s entry into the royal family did not go well and she and Harry angered a lot of staff members along the way.

Chief among them is Knauf.

Though he still has a great relationship with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and has been the chief executive officer of their royal foundation since 2019, he has played a huge royal in revealing to the public that Meghan Markle’s public persona is a mask for a vindictive, manipulative and deceptive person.

He first came to the public’s attention in early 2021 after he was revealed as one of the so-called “palace four,” those royal staffers who would be willing to provide testimony that likely would have disputed Meghan’s account of her relationship with the authors of “Finding Freedom” and if the letter to her father was written for public consumption. T

After it was revealed that Meghan and Harry would provide a tell-all interview to Oprah Winfrey about their time in the royal family, Knauf and others revealed to the public that the former actress abused and bullied her former royal and taxpayer funded staff members.

In fact, he was so concerned about Meghan’s behavior that he drafted an email to Prince William’s private secretary to report it.

Some of the allegations include that Meghan terrified staff members to such an extent they were shaking and sick with fear when they had to tell her something they knew she wouldn’t like. She also forced out two staff members and was “undermining the confidence of a third.”

As The Times of London reported, one of the complainants said, “We will finally be able to tell the truth. It’s not going to be easy, but this is very welcome and long overdue. We don’t have to be silent any more.”

It seems like Knauf has now taken that directly to the courts as well. 

Apparently spurred on by Meghan’s initial victory with the summary judgement, Knauf officially testified against his former boss and provided The Mail on Sunday and Associated Papers with emails and text messages disputing seemingly every one of the duchess’ claims. Of his own volition, he contacted the legal teams and let them know that he was willing to go on the record.

It’s clear that there is no love lost between Knauf and his former employers, and he was fed up with her lies and deceit. 

Ever since coming onto the national stage, Meghan Markle has revealed herself as a woman who is willing to lie about anything at the drop of a hat if it fits her current narrative. Family members and friends are also utterly disposable in her world. 

Decent and honorable people can’t stand that.

Knauf knew that Meghan and her legal team were lying to the court, and that deception allowed her to win her summary judgement initially. He regretted his decision and decided enough was enough and provided the evidence they needed to fully refute Markle the Liar.

It dismantles this illusion Meghan has created that she’s this great humanitarian and feminist who fights for the disadvantage, while also maintaining that she is the ultimate victim. In reality she’s just a bully, a narcissist and compulsive liar who is desperate for relevance and power.

Knauf and other staff members saw a side of Meghan that the public didn’t, and he and others are trying to do whatever they can to expose her for who she really is for the world to see.

It’s unlikely that Meghan’s public reputation will ever recover from this bombshell, and there is likely a lot more to come as Buckingham Palace continues its investigation into the bullying allegations. 

If Meghan had treated those who worked with her with kindness and grace, as a royal should, she would have their loyalty even if she did leave the royal fold. Ultimately, she thought her title, status and money would protect her. But Meghan would have been wise to take note of the many victims who have used their collective voices to take down powerful men over the last several years.

This next year, Meghan may find that being a woman and being biracial won’t protect her anymore. 

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