Despite the Queen’s Health Struggles, Prince Harry Still Plans to Publish Bombshell Memoir that Could Damage Monarchy

In 2022, Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 70th year on the throne, and the royal family and the rest of the United Kingdom are planning a large celebration to honor Her Majesty. However, this celebratory time could be overshadowed. Despite the Queen’s failing health, Prince Harry is still planning to publish a blockbuster memoir, which could damage his father’s and brother’s future reign as a very precarious time.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle published a hagiography last year with “Finding Freedom” and did a tell-all interview, but that isn’t enough. There’s more they want to reveal about their time in the royal family, potentially damaging it along the way.

As part of a publishing deal with his wife, Harry revealed to the world in July that he is working on a memoirmeant as an “intimate and heartfelt” reflection of his time in the royal family. The book will supposedly focus on “the highs and lows” of his life and would be an “accurate and wholly truthful,” i.e., it’s just another way Harry and Meghan are using their titles to make money by complaining about their lot in life, as multi-millionaire royals. 

Unfortunately, for Harry and his publishers, no one believes that the book will be “accurate and wholly truthful.” Last week, it was revealed that Meghan, and also Harry, lied about their involvement in the book “Finding Freedom,” and the duchess deceived the court about certain emails and text messages talking about whether or not she intended for the public to see the letter she wrote to her father about their estrangement.

As it turns out, she did, and used language meant to pull on the “heartstrings” of the public, whom she believed wouldn’t question why she would write a letter, a rather antiquated form of communications, when she could simply pick up a telephone. 

But the big story here is that Harry’s book will come out at a time when the royal family is in transition, and the Queen is struggling with her health and life as a widow after over 70 years of marriage.  

The stress of this book is something she just doesn’t need. Unfortunately, her grandson seemingly no longer has any sympathy for his family.

Royal expert Daniela Elser is quoted in The Daily Expressstating, “Prince Harry will release his memoir which is all but guaranteed to rock the palace to its foundations and rattle the fillings of the remaining HRHs.”

It will do nothing but tarnish the long and storied reign of Her Majesty, and all so her grandson and his wife can line their pockets. 

Nothing good will come from airing their dirty laundry publicly, but Harry is taking his plays out of Meghan’s c-list actress playbook. Get as much publicity as possible and make yourself so annoying that the world can never forget it.

As the Queen celebrates a huge milestone, without her rock Prince Philip at her side, it is a shame that Harry remains so keen on destroying his family under Meghan’s directions.

If he really cares, he would shut up, return the advance, stop the publication and reconcile with his family. The publication of this book, if it is as bad as some people expect, could continue to destroy his reputation and perhaps push his grandmother into an early grave.

Only time will tell if Harry comes to his senses, but that will probably only happen if he files for divorce, and he’s not there yet.

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