Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, Makes a Stunning Display at the Royal Variety Performance After Meghan Markle Humiliates Herself on ‘Ellen’

Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, and her husband Prince William attended the Royal Variety Performance at Royal Albert Hall. Her incredibly regal look was a stunning 180 from Meghan Markle’s utterly embarrassing appearance on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where the former actress willingly humiliated herself for the host’s amusement.

It shows that no matter what Meghan Markle does, she is still a c-list actress who will always lose to Catherine. 

The Royal Variety Performance has been a staple part of the royal calendar for about 100 years and features various U.K. performers and is broadcast across the country. 

This year, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended, and Catherine looked utterly gorgeous in a repeat green sequin gown from Jenny Packman that she originally wore during her Pakistan tour in early 2020.

She mixed it up a bit this time with lots of curls to one side, instead of a half-up, half-down hair do. It’s a similar style but slightly different to what she wore at the recent Earthshot Prize Awards Ceremony. After keeping her hair very similar throughout her decade as a royal, it’s fun to see that Catherine is still mixing it up and having a bit of fun.

Prince William looked smart as well in a velvet navy blazer.

They looked like the future monarchs of one of the most well-known royal family in the entire world.

After the show, they went through and met several of the performers, including Ed Sheeran, James Blunt and others.

Meghan Markle did something a bit different with her day, making what they call a surprise appearance on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show.” In addition to plugging her book (again) and lobbying for paid family leave, Meghan participated in one of Ellen’s “pranks”—and in this instance the former duchess willingly humiliated herself by allowing the host to dictate her actions, like drinking milk from a baby bottle, referring to herself constantly as “mommy” and doing a very unladylike squat to prove that she was willing to follow directions.

It was so classless, tasteless and embarrassing, and is the exact opposite of the regal display that Catherine put on in the United Kingdom. 

Meghan Markle clearly wants to compete with her in-laws across the pond and uses her title every chance she can to remind the public that she is still important.

However, Catherine at the Royal Variety Performance shows that royalty isn’t solely defined by a title. 

Being a royal requires an air of class, sophistication, mystery and majesty, something that Meghan Markle, the duchess of squatting, clearly lacks. Meghan is trying to compete against a 1,000-year-old institution, and today it showed that she is utterly out of her league. 

She’s a joke, and her husband Prince Harry, who was seen in August juggling behind Meghan while she was filming her 40×40 video, is no better. They are the court jesters, who should have been performing for the entertainment of their royal family members, but as a lower-tier act.

Either way, Prince William and Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, crushed it at this appearance at the Royal Albert Hall. They are the future king and queen, and it seems like they are more prepared than ever before to take that mantle.

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