Duchess of Squatting – Meghan Markle Willingly Humiliates Herself on ‘Ellen DeGeneres,’ Cementing Her Desperate C-List Status

Meghan Markle recently made an appearance on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” which is currently in its final season due to its host’s bullying scandal. As part of her segment, she participates in a prank where Ellen tells her to do humiliating things in front of a couple of vendors. Meghan gamely participates, and is seen in an unlady like squat, drinking milk from a bottle, referring to herself constantly as “mommy” and doing a bit of what Meghan considers “acting” with cat ears on.

It proves that Meghan, despite her title and all the trappings of wealth, is nothing but a low-tier c-list actress who is desperate for attention. She is not the Duchess of Sussex, but the Duchess of Squatting.

According to The Daily Mail, “the duchess stepped outside of the studio to pull a prank on a trio of vendors, which saw her forced to do and say whatever the talk show host told her to via a hidden ear piece.”

The prank is so low-class, it’s baffling why Meghan would even agree to such a stupid set up.

Ellen started by confirming that Meghan could hear her, including having the ex-royal do an undignified and unladylike squat to confirm.

The producer then told the three vendors that they will be helping Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and that they should just treat her as “totally normal.”

It would be interesting to know if those vendors knew who she was or if they would have treated her any differently to begin with. She left too early for anyone to really care that she’s royalty. She’s been simply Meghan Markle far longer than she was a duchess.

Meeting with the first vendor, who was selling crystals, Meghan was told by Ellen to put the crystal on her head and start moaning and groaning.

“I’m going to hold this against my head,” Meghan said, she closed her eyes for a minute and did a bit of what Meghan considers acting. “That is wonderful.”

It just gets worse and more pathetic from there.

Meghan moves onto the next vendor, “bouncing up and down” per Ellen’s request. 

The table held hot sauce, and Meghan said, “Let mommy have a taste,” before telling him, “My boo loves hot sauce.”

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. From a duchess in a tiara to a willing punch line. Just writing this piece is cringeworthy. 

Why would any adult subject themselves to this? It isn’t funny, Ellen is getting Meghan to make a fool of herself—and the so-called duchess is indulging this entire thing as if she’s thrilled to finally join in the lower-echelon of Hollywood.

The rest is so utterly ridiculous and embarrassing, it’s not even worth detailing. 

Meghan also refers to herself as “mommy” multiple times. The whole thing is so cringy, and clearly her time in the royal family has not improved her acting skills. It’s all incredibly stilted, unnatural and just plain stupid.

Who would have thought that a member of the royal family would debase themselves so much for absolutely no reason? Meghan is likely hoping that some Hollywood executive will finally take notice of a desperate 40-year-old mother of two and help her achieve that Oscar gold or Marvel movie role she thinks she deserves.

Perhaps if she was doing it for a children’s charity, it would make some sense.

But this is the “Ellen DeGeneres Show.” It’s a puff program with a bully as a host, who looks down on anyone who she thinks is less important than herself. 

This shows that Meghan is still in her c-list actress mentality, where appearing on “Ellen” is more a sign of success than standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Thousands have appeared on Ellen, including the famous and the not so famous. Only a handful of people in this world can claim to have stood on that balcony.

Meghan could have accepted the invitation and said no to the prank. But you would have some class do that, and Meghan clearly has none. 

At this point, the world feels collective embarrassment for the ex-duchess, who seems keen on debasing herself to deflect from lying in court and finally fulfilling her dream of success in the City of Angels. This was an incredibly idiotic move. She should fire her PR team for this.

The Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William should pull the titles from her and her husband Prince Harry, now. Her little stunt damages the entire British royal brand, in addition to Meghan’s own post-royal brand.

Or perhaps, they can officially give her a new title: The Duchess of Squatting. It seems fitting.

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