Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Not Going to the U.K. For Christmas, Despite the Queen’s Recent Health Struggles

When an elderly family member is ill and struggling with their health, usually the family will go above and beyond to make sure that they are able to see and spend time with their loved one, especially during the holidays. This will not be the case with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are apparently not planning to travel to the UK in order to see Her Majesty or other family members this year.

Christmas is a special time for the Queen, and is a time she is usually able to spend with her entire family. This year, that is more important than ever as this is the first holiday season without her beloved husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

If they’re able, the royal family will gather at Sandringham in order to participate in the complicated though honored Christmas traditions. This includes a gag gift exchange, being weighed before meals and doing a annual walk to attend church on Christmas morning.

In 2020, they were unable to gather because of COVID-19 restrictions, and the previous year Harry and Meghan did not attend as they were in Canada.

This year, it’s unclear if it will be at Sandringham, but the most important thing is that reportedly the California-based royals are not planning on attending and seeing Her Majesty or the rest of the family this December.

Page Six reports: “There’s a lot that goes into the logistics and the planning of the family Christmas, so of course, staff know that Harry and Meghan are not coming,” one royal source reported. “If they were, they would have communicated it to their family by now.

“But this is Her Majesty’s first Christmas without her husband, so one would have hoped they would.”

As the Queen is in increasingly frail health, there was also hopes that Harry would come and see his grandmother just in case the worst should happen. It doesn’t make any sense that they would decide not to attend and make sure to see the beloved matriarch of his family.

In addition, the Queen nor any other member of the royal family have seen baby Lilibet in person or saw Archie beyond a handful of times. Christmas would be a great time to introduce the little girl to the entire royal family and enjoy time together.

But perhaps the real reason why the Sussex’s decided not to attend is that they would have been unable to film the reunion for their Netflix reality TV series.

A camera crew has been following the couple around during their last several “engagements” and seems focused on capturing every moment for an upcoming reality television show that they are producing for Netflix.

Christmas with the royals would be a great feature, but the Queen, Prince Charles, Camilla, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and others would have no desire for such a thing. But Harry and Meghan have to make a living, and they’ve yet to release anything on Netflix yet.

The streaming giant will want its pound of flesh sooner rather than later.

It’s sad that Harry and Meghan can’t see the broader picture beyond accumulating wealth and visit an ailing woman and widow, in what could be her final Christmas. Harry already lost out on his last two holidays with his grandfather, and the same may happen with his grandmother. It’s a decision that will haunt Harry for the rest of his life.

Unfortunately, he is focused on Meghan and her vision, without considering what might happen to his family. He should know all too well that life can change in an instant, that’s why it’s critical we spend as much time with our families as we can.

Hopefully, the couple will change their minds and make the journey across the pond, regardless of the international reaction. Though there are likely still some cold feelings towards the couple within the family, it would make Her Majesty’s day to see her grandson and great-grandchildren again.

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