Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William Threaten to Boycott BBC Over Documentary on a ‘Briefing War’ Between Royal Brothers

The Queen, Prince Charles, and the Duke of Cambridge are threatening to boycott the BBC on reaction to a documentary about an alleged ‘briefing war’ that occurred between Prince William and Prince Harry after Meghan Markle in the lead up to Megxit. If true, this would be a significant change in how royal news is reported and remove the BBC as a trusted source.

The two-part BBC documentary, called The Princes and the Press, and it explores Prince William’s and Prince Harry’s approaches to the press that came to the forefront after the disaster out fallout from Megxit.

Palace lawyers have requested numerous times to review the documentary before it aired and were denied. The press was also not given a preview of the project, which includes about 80 hours of interviews with royal correspondents.

The royals remain incredibly sensitive about how the relationship between Harry and William will be portrayed, especially as their relationship fell apart after Meghan Markle entered the royal family.

ITV did a similar documentary earlier this year, and, after a palace intervention, it removed a quote from Omid Scobie that alleged Prince William’s staff briefed reporters about his concerns about Harry’s mental health.

There are also still sensitivities with the BBC, after it came out that former reporter Martin Bashir lied to Princess Diana in order to secure the ground breaking Panorama interview. prince William remains incensed about the situation.

Roger Mosey, the former BBC editorial director, said on Twitter: “It scarcely needs saying, but the BBC is absolutely right not to show previews of documentaries to Palace officials.”

This is incredibly true. Free press means that they should not be swayed out of a story that exposes an important truth.

However, the palace’s concerns are also completely understandable. The BBC preyed on a vulnerable woman and got her to spill family secrets for views. Why wouldn’t they do it again?

In addition, would it heighten the tensions between the brothers, whose relationship has already been damaged over the last couple of years. Would the BBC play a role in straining those relationships further? Or will this insert some truth into the situation?

Only time will tell, but Royal News Network will report on the documentary as soon as it drops.

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