Sussexit? BBC’s Bias Against Monarchy Confirmed as it Drops the Term Megxit after Prince Harry Deemed it Misogynistic Towards Meghan Markle 

The second part of the BBC’s documentary “The Princes and the Press” will air tomorrow, and it sounds as if it will be more pro-Sussex than ever by exchanging the term ‘Megxit’ for ‘Sussexit’ because Prince Harry believes the other is “misogynistic” towards his wife. It’s nice that the BBC will support a hapless royal and his conniving wife, while ignoring the actual royals, but the decision is ridiculous and demonstrates the full bias and poor reporting of ‘journalist’ Amol Rajan, who is a noted republican.

Though the BBC will indulge Prince Harry, this publication and others will not.

The term Megxit was used because Meghan is the sole catalyst for you leaving the royal family Harry, especially looking at your short career right afterwards. It’s probably just difficult to admit that to yourself right now, as you and your family live in your gilded cage in Montecito under Meghan’s authoritarian rule. We all know that Meghan is running the show and you’re just a puppet following her orders.

And that’s quite sad. 

There’s nothing wrong with Harry wanting to leave the royal family, if that’s what he wanted. But looking at pictures before Meghan, it seemed like he was fairly happy in his role and supportive of his grandmother, father and brother.

That all changed when Meghan entered the picture.

All of a sudden, being a member of the British royal family was the worst thing possible and he hated every second. His feelings about the institution and the family he was raised in changed seemingly overnight, and all to Meghan’s benefit.

Now, if the couple had moved to Africa or another Commonwealth country, it could have been seen as a mutual decision to leave. 

But Hollywood has always been Meghan’s dream, not Harry’s. 

Her desire for Hollywood stardom and relevance was on cringeworthy display during her recent appearance on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where she demonstrated to the audience her lackluster acting skills and her desperation to make it onto the a-list. She couldn’t do it on her own merits, she just doesn’t have the talent, but by golly that title sure makes her more of a presence every time she walks onto a soundstage. 

On “Ellen,” she was giddy to finally appear on a show that she would have never booked as Rachel on “Suits.”

They’re also producing television series and podcasts, though we’ve hardly seen any evidence of this except for a film crew following them around for an upcoming reality television series. 

So, how is any of this Harry’s dream or desire?

If he could have, Harry would have stayed with the military for at least several more years than he did, but he wasn’t suited for a desk job.

The other option would be to work with charities and animal conservation groups in Africa, as he’s previously mentioned the continent as one of his favorite places in the world and the place where he was “embraced.”

For example, if had been so willing he could have given up his royal title and lived a nomadic lifestyle with Chelsy Davy, his first serious girlfriend and probably the only one who truly loved him for him and not his title. Her Instagram has been filled with incredible shots and videos of African wildlife and stunning vacations across the world. It looks like a dream, but Harry chose royal duties over Chelsy during their relationship.

But for Meghan, it was either her way or the highway.

He didn’t do that with Meghan because, at the end of the day, going to Hollywood wasn’t really his decision. His wife is clearly a narcissistic manipulator, so the term Megxit isn’t misogynistic as much as it is an acknowledgement that Harry has been utterly duped into believing that somehow his current life and decisions were made together as a couple, not simply the end goal of his wife.

Most likely, Harry will wake up at some point and realize that Megxit wasn’t about him and protecting his family, it was all about Meghan Markle and her desire to finally make Hollywood care about her existence and recognize her talent.

But how that will come about will be interesting. Will they achieve success or will Harry and Meghan crash and burn as their lack of talent results in poor quality productions and a failure to bring projects across the finish line.

Only time will tell.

Seriously though, Chelsy’s life looks incredible and a heck of a lot more interesting and relaxing than Harry’s and Meghan’s. 

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