PRINCE CHARLES’S SORROW – Prince Harry’s Relationship with Prince Charles at an All-Time Low as Ex-Royal Exacerbates His Father’s Latest Scandal

Prince Harry’s relationship with his father Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, has descended into an all-time low, as the two have hardly spoken during the last eight months. Their father son bond will remain strained for the time being, as Harry recently exacerbated the problem by making a statements throwing his father under the bus.

This Christmas Archie and Lilibet can expect to receive presents from their royal relatives in the U.K., but when it comes to family bonds, those will likely never mend.

As Harry and his wife Meghan Markle attempt to make a go at it in the United States as pseudo-ex-royal celebrities/influencers/producers/charity directors and whatever else they’re doing right now, they seem intent on destroying every family relationship the prince has along the way.

In the eight months since the Oprah Winfrey interview, where Harry and his wife famously lied and painted the entire royal family and institution as racist, the prodigal son has barely spoken with his father.

When the two do connect over the phone, the conversations are “fraught,” as The Sun has reported. 

The situation is becoming even more complicated as Prince Harry threw his father under the bus again over what’s being called the CBE or “cash for honors” scandal, where a Saudi billionaire donated to Prince Charles charity in exchange for an order of the British Empire or CBE.

In a recent statement, Harry said that though he took $50,000 from the same Saudi billionaire for his charity Sentebale charity from Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz in 2013 and then later connected him with Charles’ Prince’s Foundation, he “severed ties” and warned his family about the dangers of associating with the man. 

In a statement, Harry said, “The duke and his advisers, as well as his non-profit Sentebale, severed ties with Mr Mahfouz and his associates in 2015, no longer accepting further donations to Sentebale and discontinuing any plans for a fundraising event amid growing concerns over the motives for his support.

“The duke had one planned meeting with this donor nearly eight years ago, did not introduce him to any members of the royal family, and expressed his concerns about the donor.”

It’s difficult to believe Harry’s spin on the situation. In a rather sad bit of irony, the royal family tried to warn Harry about Meghan Markle and her less than honorable intentions, but he dismissed their concerns.

If he had listened to what his family was trying to tell him, Harry’s life would look much different now and be less chaotic and toxic.

He would also still have a relationship with his father.

In response to the situation, a friend of Charles told The Sun: “Charles is deeply shocked and disappointed by Harry’s latest statement which effectively threw his father under the bus.

“There are fears that this episode with Mahfouz could even be a chapter in Harry’s autobiography.

“This attack was more damaging than the swipe at Charles’s parenting skills because this was a challenge to the way he conducts his business which is far more damaging to the future King.

“There is no way for Charles to fight back and defend himself publicly so he keeps a dignified silence.

“These constant barbs about his father from America could be very damaging to his reign. Attempts have been made to clear the air but they have barely spoken since the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.”

It’s sad to see a previously close and strong relationship between father and son crumble. If Harry allegedly wants to “break” the cycle of what he considered bad parenting by his father and his grandparents, this is not the way to do it. His children will likely never have a relationship with his father, and he will never have the full trust of his family again.

Was Meghan worth all this mess Harry? Your children are precious, but your wife has torpedoed your life to pursue her own ambitions, and made you look a fool in the process.

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