Duchess of Cambridge is More Impressive Than Ever as She Shares First Preview of Christmas Charity Concert ‘Together at Christmas’

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, has released the first trailer to promote her upcoming Christmas charity concert, “Together at Christmas,” which was filmed last week at Westminster Abbey. The preview is another example of how Kate bided her time and is seriously growing into her role as the future Queen Consort of the U.K.

As part of the preview, the Duchess says, “I’m so excited to be hosting ‘Together at Christmas’ here at Westminster Abbey.”

Catherine attended the event together with her husband, Prince William, and many of the young royals, like Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Zara Phillips Tindall and Sophie, the Countess of Wessex. The entire Middleton clan also attended the concert.

It’s clear that Catherine is not just relishing her royal role, she’s thriving.

A royal source recently told People Magazine, “She has really come into her own.”

It’s absolutely true. Despite the enormous pressure that she’s under from the media, public and her own family and the royal family, Catherine has managed to carve out niche for herself within royal family and has become the United Kingdom’s most precious English rose.

In her role as the Duchess of Cambridge, she has carefully cultivated an image of a working royal who focuses on early childhood development, love of the outdoors, art and physical activity, most notably she is a passionate about the game of tennis. It’s one that she has passed onto her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

There’s no easy way to raise a future king and likely two future working royals, but Catherine and William are raising three children who, by all accounts, are kind, considerate and gracious. They are playful as well, as George, Charlotte and Louis have all proven through various stories, pictures and videos.

But they also all appear well-adjusted.

If Catherine is able to help William raise three children who are educated, dedicated and compassionate, she is worth her weight in gold to the U.K.

Joan Black, who attended ‘Together at Christmas’ due to her work supporting elderly during the lockdowns, shared with People: “What she wrote was beautiful, and to bring everyone together like this is lovely.

“I felt she was really confident.

“We are doing well if that’s our future Queen.”

No doubt, the royal family is relived with that assessment, after a difficult year. As has been noted many times before, between the loss of Prince Philip, the Queen’s increasingly frail health and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ever growing antics, the monarchy is in a rather rocky position. This is not how the Queen, Prince Charles or William would like it, considering that a royal transfer of power could be as little as a month or perhaps a year away.

If Catherine had behaved like Meghan as a new royal, there would likely be no hope for the future of the British monarchy, as the so-called Duchess of Sussex is clearly more interested in her own self-interests and Hollywood than protecting the legacy of the Queen. But the future Princess of Wales took her time, developed a strong relationship with the public, took on issues passionate to her and is raising her children and keeping her marriage strong. She is doing everything that she needs to do to inherit the throne.

That’s why, everyone is looking forward seeing how Catherine will continue to grow and change as she takes on an ever larger role as a royal.

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