The Queen Expresses Growing Concerns about Princes William and George’s Safety and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Proximity to the Throne

The Queen has expressed her concerns about Prince William and his children fly together, especially by helicopter. Apparently, Her Majesty is worried about the possible implications of a horrific accident putting Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle on the throne.

Securing the line of succession of any monarchy is critically important business. From deposing of threats to trying to have a son, royals have gone through great lengths, and shed much blood, to try and secure the throne. Though the role is not nearly as powerful as it was even a hundred or so years ago, there are plenty of people who would want access to the palaces, jewels and priceless art owned by the sovereign.

There is no question about the line of succession right now in the U.K., which, when entirely traced, can go up to at least 5,000 people and includes royals from several families. While it’s laughable that Crown Prince Haakon of Norway sits comfortably as 87 or so in the line of succession to the British throne, while being first in line to his own, it’s entirely possible that Prince Harry and his wife could have their eyes on the ultimate prize.

The English crown.

This comes to light as the Queen expresses concerns about Prince William flying a helicopter, especially with his family in tow. As his son is third-in-line to the throne, Her Majesty has shared her fears with the Duke of Cambridge about his and his family’s safety.

A royal source told the highly reputable The Times of London: “Her Majesty has told close friends and courtiers that she would like William to stop flying himself, particularly in bad weather, as helicopters are not the safest form of transport.

“It keeps the Queen awake at night and she is understandably very worried. She knows William is a capable pilot but does not think it is worth the risk for all five of them to carry on flying together, and can’t imagine what would happen. It would spark a constitutional crisis.

“The Queen has told William she is worried that, however good he is as a pilot, bad weather and accidents can strike at any time.

“The Queen is delighted in the way William and Kate have risen to the challenge in recent years and knows the monarchy is safe in their hands. She thinks the future is bright with them at the helm after Charles but if something happened to him and the family it doesn’t bear thinking about.”

As William and Catherine have gradually and impressively matured into their roles as senior royals, Her Majesty knows that she is leaving the monarchy a powerful legacy of leadership into the future.

But that can only happen if Prince Harry and his wife are as far from the throne as humanly possible. 

Though the source doesn’t explicitly state the obvious, if something catastrophic were to happen to Prince William and his entire family, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and their two children would inherit the throne. 

That’s the worst possible case for the monarchy right now, and one that they are keenly aware of. 

While at one point Prince Harry could have been welcomed by the majority of the public as the future king, that time has long since passed. Through his post-Megxit actions, Harry has revealed himself as a manipulated, petulant and, frankly, dumb man. If he’s on the throne, and Meghan pulling his strings behind the scenes, it spells doom for the House of Windsor.

The Queen, Prince Charles, William and Catherine are all aware of this, and that’s why it’s critically important for the Cambridge family to be as carefully as possible. While they cannot avoid every scenario, having a King Harry and Queen Meghan would drive us all to insanity.

So William, for the sake of your grandmother and the country, leave the flying to the professionals and have George fly or drive separately.

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