Duchess of Cambridge Stuns During Charity Christmas Concert with a Surprise Piano Accompaniment

The Duchess of Cambridge’s Christmas concert was a smashing success, and the public agrees. All the comments have been overwhelmingly positive, especially for the Duchess’ surprise turn as the piano accompaniment for singer and songwriter Tom Walker.

At 7:30, ITV aired “Together at Christmas,” a charity concert featuring a variety of different singers with an emphasis on encouraging the public.

While most of musical guests had been previously advertised, there was one surprise performer, the Duchess herself.

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, in addition to helping to conceive, plan and organize the event, took it one step further: to a piano bench.

As Tom Walker took the stage, the future Princess of Wales blessed the world with her piano skills. Taking perhaps one of the biggest risks of her royal career, Catherine braved her nerves and gave her country the performance of her royal life.

Walker shared, “I didn’t even know she played piano.

“It was very secret, very secret – even the studio didn’t know what was going on. We were sitting on opposite sides of the room for Covid, rehearsing.

“So we got together, we rehearsed the song like nine times and by the end of it she’d absolutely nailed it, and then she went away for a couple of days and practised it, and then we finally got to do the recording of it.”

He added: “And I was really impressed because it’s one thing playing along with me in a studio, just the two of us, but then to jump straight in to playing with a live string quartet and a pianist and two backing singers, all of which she’d never met before, and then doing live takes in front of the camera – that’s a whole other jump from jamming.

“I was so surprised at how great she was at keeping time, because she had to start the song off and lead it.

“Amazing musician and what an amazing day, it was crazy.”

The song is dedicated to all those who are missing family members during the holiday season, a sentiment that Catherine, the entire royal family and everyone can appreciate during this second COVID season.

He went onto say, “I think just everybody has lost somebody in their lives at some point and Christmas is the time to remember people who aren’t around who you used to have really fond memories of and still do, but you can’t reminisce with them in person.

“So I think that’s why she connected with the lyrics.”

Regarding the concert, Walker said: “I think we were both really nervous that it wasn’t going to go quite to plan and one of us would let down the other person or whatever, but she was absolutely fabulous – she smashed it.

“What a talented, kind, warm-hearted, lovely person.

“She’s very chilled, very nice and she was so kind to everybody who was there – personally introduced herself to the whole band.

“It was just lovely. A big moment for me in my career.”

Despite being in the public eye for about 20 years, that Catherine managed to hide such a talent is a bit of a surprise. Hopefully, she’ll grace us with her musical talents again.

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