Meghan Markle Mocked After Awarded a Single £1 for Damages as Compensation for ‘The Daily Mail’s’ Invasion of Privacy Case

The Mail on Sunday has officially admitted defeat to Meghan Markle, in regards to the privacy aspect of her case. Her award, after millions of dollars in legal expenses were spent and her reputation and credibility took a severe hit, is a single £1.

In 2019, at the tail end of a very successful tour of South Africa with her husband Prince Harry and the son Archie, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they were suing the Associated Newspapers and The Mail on Sunday for publishing an allegedly private letter she wrote her father.

The case continued for the next two years, as The Mail on Sunday used the case to essentially expose Meghan as a liar who hid behind her royal title to manipulate the public.

As it turns out, Meghan would likely have been better off just quietly accepting the publication of her father’s letter and moving on.

It’s been officially reported, with a fair amount of global mocking, that in addition to the substantial attorneys fees spent on this endeavor, Meghan’s damages award was one single British £1.

Congratulations Meghan, you can now buy a single weekday edition of The Daily Mail. If you want the Sunday edition, you will probably have to put in your own 80pence.

RyanAir, a European budget airlines, joked at the duchess’ expense, “Save that for our next seat sale Meg.”

It’s doubtful that this is the outcome the former actress anticipated, though her spokesperson and cheerleader and friend Omid Scobie, claim that she’ll receive “substantially more” for copyright infringement.

She’s allegedly requesting a cut of their profits instead, as if the entire plan all along was to force the papers to pay for her scheme to get her father to leak her letter to the papers so she could finally make some money off of her own negative press.

She is allegedly going to “donate it to charity,” I.e. the Archewell Foundation where she can prop up their failing foundation and keep 95% of it for herself.

Perhaps it could pay for some more ugly, I’ll-fitting and obscenely expensive designer duds.

It’s both rather ingenious, but overall a pointless ploy desperate Hollywood wannabe.

Regardless of the money she’s getting, which will mostly be used to satisfy her solicitor bills, she’s come out of this whole thing far worse in the realm of public opinion.

She’s been revealed essentially as a liar, after she claimed she “had forgotten” about key pieces of evidence and had to apologize to the court.

The animosity between the former working royal and her employees was revealed, as four senior aids agreed to testify for the Mail on Sunday and one released internal palace communications refuting nearly every single aspect of Meghan’s testimony. She merely won more on a technicality and the semantics of the law then actually convincing anyone she really never wanted her father to publish the letter.

The public and lawmakers are so frustrated at her win they’re looking to change the law to fix the loophole that she used.

So at the end of the day, the “substantial” payout Meghan’s going to get cannot fix her wrecked public persona. She’s probably spent millions on PR since catching Prince Harry and it hasn’t done her a lick of good.

Unfortunately, positive PR only works if you’re a genuinely good person and people generally like you.

For Meghan, that just isn’t the case.

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