Frail Queen Mourns as Meghan Markle’s Inflicts Her Revenge by Keeping Archie and Lili Away from Her Majesty and the United Kingdom

Meghan Markle has made it clear that she never wants to return to the United Kingdom, and, if she has her way, it’s unlike that her children will return either. This is likely a source of great disappointment and sorrow for the Queen, who is mourning the loss of a relationship with her American great-grandchildren as Meghan takes her revenge against the institution that she believes failed her.

Family is incredibly important to the Queen. During her most recent engagement, Her Majesty gave the cameras a quick look at two previously unseen photos of her great-grandchildren, but there are two who are conspicuously absent: Archie and Lilibet ‘Lili’ Mountbatten-Windsor.

One picture, which looks like it could have been taken within the last couple of months, featured a young Lucas Tindall or could even be August Brooksbank sitting on her lap, in addition to all three of the Cambridge children, Peter Phillips daughters, the other Tindall girls and even Lady Louise, who is the firstborn daughter of Prince Edward, Her Majesty’s youngest son.

Another picture also made a brief appearance. This picture appears that it was taken perhaps by Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, around the same time as the famous Annie Leibovitz picture taken of all the great-grandchildren. The newly glimpsed photo included Prince Philip, who was not part of the publicly released image.

But there are no pictures of Archie or Lili featured in any of Her Majesty’s surroundings.

That could be because of Harry and Meghan’s obsessive need for privacy, which is entirely possible, or it could be that the couple simply don’t share many pictures of the children as a form of punishment to the Queen and other members of the family.

In her interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle tried to portray herself as the ultimate victim of the palace machine. She alleges that they didn’t give her a voice, ignored her mental health issues and accused one member of the family of making a racist comment. 

Most importantly, at least to Meghan, the royal family made the critical error of not making her the star, failing to cater to her every whim and refusing to interfere when the tabloids were reporting negative stories about her.

Meghan believed that becoming a member of the royal family would be like becoming the ultimate celebrity, without realizing that royals are simply glorified civil servants who answer to the people. Royals have to thread the needle when it comes to looking glamourous and regal, without looking excessive and frivolous. 

Throwing yourself an ostentatious baby shower in New York City that cost half a million dollars is not the way to do that, and it quickly drew the ire of the press and public.

Meghan got called out, and she couldn’t handle it, so she fled the royal family and took Harry and their children with her.

Even when in the United Kingdom, Meghan deprived Archie of time with his grandfather, cousins and likely the Queen as well. It’s been reported that Prince Charles and the Cambridge family only saw Archie a handful of times in person, and now he may never come back.

This is a mechanism of control that Meghan can use to full effect.

Sadly, the Queen is caught in the crosshairs of Meghan’s revenge plot and will likely never have the opportunity to meet with her now American great-grandchildren. If it turns out that isn’t the case, then great, but Meghan’s time in the royal family has proven anything, it’s that she’s vindictive when crossed.

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