Prince Charles Can’t Make the Same Mistake as the Queen with Prince Andrew – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Cannot Be Involved in His Coronation or Reign

Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, is likely beginning to look towards his coronation, which could take place within the next couple of years. To establish a successful reign the first thing Prince Charles has to do, despite how painful it might be, is avoid welcoming Prince Harry and Meghan Markle back into the royal fold by allowing them to have any role in his coronation or reign.

Family relationships can be difficult, and royalty is no exception.

As Prince Charles looks to his reign and plans for the future, it could be tempting for him to include Prince Harry, his wife Meghan Markle and their children. After all, Harry is his son and remains one of the most senior members of the British royal family.

Christine Ross, who co-founded the pro-Meghan website Meghan’s Mirror, argued on Royally Us podcast that the Sussex couple could play a prominent and potentially influential role in Charles’ coronation.

“[But] I do imagine that Charles will want a larger family group shot of the existing Royal Family…” Ross said.

“I do think that Harry would be a part of that and Meghan may be as well if she wanted to be.”

While it’s true that Charles may want to include Harry in the celebrations—however, in no way should the California-based Duke of Sussex have any sort of prominent role within the reign of his father.

If he does, then Charles will be repeating the Queen’s mistakes with Prince Andrew, who allowed her love for her son to cloud her judgement and pulled the entire monarchy into disrepute.

Due to Prince Andrew’s association with Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, he was accused of the sexual assault of a minor. In order to settle the case and avoid a long and embarrassing trial, he was forced to settle the case for upwards of £12 million. There are many reports that his elderly mother may have covered part of his substantial legal bills and financial settlement with Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

Add in the chaos of Megxit and Harry and Meghan’s continual antics, including the couple’s decision to due the Home Office, this brings up even more questions about the monarchy’s purpose and whether it is worthwhile to continue.

As the Queen’s reign draws to a close, there will be greater questions about whether the monarchy has a place in 21st century Britain. If Charles is not careful, especially when it comes to Prince Harry, he may find his time on the throne shortened not by death but by a republic.

He must make decisions with his head and not his part.

Over the last two years, Prince Harry and his wife have shown immense disrespect for the crown, as they seemingly continually throw accusations towards the royal institution. They have no future in the monarchy, and can in no way have a significant role in the coronation.

To protect his future, William’s and George’s, Prince Charles will have to make the difficult decision to further separate Harry from the crown. This will be hard, but the Queen took far too long to address Andrew’s follies and it has cost her in the realm of public opinion.

Thankfully, Prince William has done a fantastic job at keeping away from controversy. If his children follow the same path, the monarchy will be secured for generations to come.

Like Prince Andrew, there’s no future in the British monarchy for Prince Harry and his family. Prince Charles is going to have to make many difficult decisions as king, and the first is keeping Harry and Meghan as far away from the throne as possible.

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