Prince Harry is Likely to Skip Out on Service of Thanksgiving for Grandfather, Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, As He Continues Lawsuit Over Security

The royal family will gather on March 28 to commemorate Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh’s, life with a Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey. Prince Harry, the Duke’s grandson, is unlikely to attend as he continues lawsuit against his grandmother’s government over the revocation of his security and status as an “internationally protected persons.”

After decades of service to the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh passed away in peacefully on April 9, 2021. Due to COVID protocols, his funeral services were limited to the royal family, some close friends, loyal staff members and select government officials. 

To have a broader memorial for the Queen’s husband, Buckingham Palace announced that there would be a Service of Thanksgiving for Prince Philip on March 28 at Westminster Abbey, where the couple were married over 70 years ago.

“The Queen has agreed that a Service of Thanksgiving for the life of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh will take place in the spring of 2022 at Westminster Abbey,” a palace statement read. Her Majesty hopes to attend, if she’s feeling up to it. 

There will likely be one conspicuous absence: their grandson Prince Harry.

The former working royal currently resides in California with his wife Meghan Markle and their children. As COVID protocols are relaxing, there should be nothing preventing Harry and his family from making the international trip. It would be a great opportunity for the Queen to meet Lilibet for the first time, and she could also see Archie again for the first time in over two years, as the young boy never stepped foot back in the United Kingdom after his parents spent the holidays in Canada in 2019.

It would be a time to both remember the life of Prince Philip, and to celebrate new life as well.

However, it’s doubtful that Harry will attend due to his current court case against his grandmother’s government over his security arrangements.

After leaving the royal family—and denying Harry and Meghan’s plan to be part-time working royals—the couple lost their taxpayer funded security in addition to many other royal perks. Now Harry is embroiled in a court case to try and get those services restored to him and his status as an “internationally protected person,” which would allow him to utilize the security apparatus of any country he’s visiting. 

He claims that this is necessary because it’s too dangerous to visit the U.K. without the Met Police and their intelligence network, as there is allegedly a large and aggressive white supremacist movement in the U.K.

For the couple who are so worried about security, California, with its escalating violent crime in upper class neighborhoods, is more dangerous than the U.K.

Due to this security row, which is entirely unnecessary, Harry will reportedly miss the opportunity to support his grandmother and family at the Service of Thanksgiving for his grandfather.

It’s just another way that Harry has let his family down in the last several years, and a missed opportunity for his children to build bonds with their royal relatives. It’s a potentially disastrous PR move, especially as the Queen remains ill and was recently diagnosed with COVID. 

Just five years ago, it was impossible to think that Harry would sacrifice time with his grandparents in the twilight years of their life and pursue a shallow life in Hollywood. But that’s what happens when ego, narcissism and greed overshadow familial bonds. 

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