Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Be Given Award by NAACP for ‘Social Justice.’ It’s Just Another Self-Aggrandizing Moment for the Directionless Couple

The NAACP recently announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, whose sole accomplishment in the last two years is one 35-minute Spotify podcast, are being given the NAACP President’s Award for heeding “the call to social justice” and “the struggle for equity.” It’s just another self-aggrandizing award given to a pointless and selfish couple who live a life of immense privilege while giving little of themselves or their money to charity.  

When they left the royal family, Harry and Meghan seemed to have this grand vision of what their future would look like in Hollywood. Hobnobbing it with celebrities, jet setting around getting millions for various speaking engagements and becoming the toast of the City of Angles.

None of that has happened.

The pandemic, which resulted in lockdowns starting in 2020, put a wrench into their grand plans for a Hollywood royal court that would be theirs to control. In the two years since walking away from royal life, Harry and Meghan have little to show. They jump from one from bandwagon to the next, waxing on with their convoluted and hollow word salad nonsense.

But apparently, this pointless, directionless and talentless couple will now be given the President’s Award by the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), a civil rights organization in the United States. In addition, the couple are also partnering with the NAACP through their charity Archewell.

Derrick Johnson, the NAACP president and CEO, said: “We’re thrilled to present this award to Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who together have heeded the call to social justice and have joined the struggle for equity both in the U.S. and around the world. Not only do they continue to lead by example, the Duke and Duchess have also decided to inspire the next generation of activists through the NAACP-Archewell Digital Civil Rights Award, ensuring the support and recognition of generations of civil rights leaders to come.”

This award will provide a $100,000 unrestricted stipend to the winner, who is “at the intersection of social justice and technology.”

“It’s a true honor to be recognized by President Derrick Johnson and the NAACP, whose efforts to propel racial justice and civil rights are as vital today as they were nearly 115 years ago,” Harry and Meghan said in a statement.

But what have Harry and Meghan done to advance “social justice” or “civil rights?” Absolutely nothing.

This couple had the gall to complain about their lot in life while meeting people living in abject poverty in South Africa. They make grand statements about how they’re changing the world, while just playing lip service to issues like poverty, AIDS, social justice, racial justice, parental leave or any of the other issue they prattle on about.

If these last two years have taught the public anything about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it’s that this couple is all talk and no action.

The only reasons why they are receiving this award is that they probably bought it through the partnership with the NAACP and their status as a biracial royal couple. That’s it.

The fact that Meghan is a biracial woman who married into the royal family is notable, but biracial couples are everywhere. In this day and age, most of these partnerships don’t endure real hardship, not like those in the 1950s who faced prejudice, violence and harassment. Harry and Meghan had a multimillion-dollar wedding, which was watched and celebrated around the world, and had every luxury provided to them.

But it wasn’t enough for them.

Royalty is not like celebrity, and there is a certain accountability that happens when representing a country and living off the taxpayer.

When Harry and Meghan took too many private jets while chastising others about the impact of air travel on climate change, the public and media called foul. When Meghan continually broke royal protocol and walked in front of her husband, the public and media caught on to her distain for royal traditions, protocols and the institution. And, when Meghan accumulated $1,000,000 in maternity outfits and could never stop clutching her baby bump, whether large or nonexistent, people called her out.

To Harry and Meghan, who are clearly proponents of critical race theory and the radically progressive left, this was interpreted as racism instead of criticism.

The couple are being given this award on the pretense that they were on the receiving end of racism while living in the U.K., and that their mere existence as a biracial royal couple that somehow they are changing the world.

They aren’t. Real change takes effort, honesty, integrity, grit, determination, humility, honor, passion, sacrifice and love. Harry and Meghan have none of these qualities, well, except for love. They love money, titles and themselves.

That’s why despite all the fanfare the public will be subjected to this week over the award, in addition to another ugly and ill-fitting dress from Meghan, this award rings utterly hollow.

One thought on “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Be Given Award by NAACP for ‘Social Justice.’ It’s Just Another Self-Aggrandizing Moment for the Directionless Couple

  1. Very well written piece, any so called award they receive means absolutely nothing apart from the amount of money they have paid for it.
    Meghan is ‘a person of colour’ only when it suits her, if you look at her photos there are always tan lines showing her extremely white skin where she’s missed slapping it on. I wish they would both just go away.

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